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Press Only Preview of Holiday Products 2016

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee
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Can we say yes to Shopping?! I can because seeing some of these cool Holiday Products before it hits the stores this year was really exciting.

On June 8th at the Morton’s Steakhouse in Midtown, NYC, we, among other New York Media, were invited to attend the Press Only Preview of Holiday Products.

First up, The Roe Caviar, http://roecaviar.com  , we sampled their super premium caviar brand of sustainable farmed White Sturgeon caviar from California. Many such as Food Network’s Andrew Zimmern feels it’s the best domestic product he has ever tasted.


Another interesting featured product, coming from William Poll, www.williampoll.com  caterers in NYC’s Upper Eastside for 95 years. Their trademarked, what they are known for is the Baked Potato Thins , more superb than most chips, using 100% pure potato from Idaho without preservatives or additives, having lower calories and fat plus no trans fat.  They create them in many unique flavours:  Herbes de Provence, Moroccan, Rosemary, Shallot & Pepper and others.


We also sampled  William Poll‘s tasty dips, priced under $10. The Lobster Dip was fresh and smooth than most similar dips. Also, we were given their Watercress Dip with their potato thins in the gift bag.. Their dips come in many tasty-creative flavours:  Fromage Dip, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Trout, Smoked Salmon, Horseradish & Bacon and many others.


Let’s talk gadgets for all my techs! Hammacher Schlemmerwww.hammacher.com , made the 55 Language Translating Scanner. They are Americas longest running catalog since 1848. This neat device helps you scan important information right to your cellphone. Check their site, they carry problem solving products and gift items.


We then sampled some fine Blanc de Blanc and Rose Brut sparkling wine by Le Grand Courtage www.legrandcourtage.com , from California. Petite size bottles to Large sizes, priced between $8-$20.00 We were given one of each size in the gift bag.


We ate some amazing sliders and other appetizers provided by Morton’s. This event setting was a great way to network and connect with great companies.

This event would not be possible without the support of Consumer Product Events. This event was created by a veteran in Public Relations whose clients like Champagne Mum, Mrs. Fields Cookie and various red carpet events including Elton John and Sting. Their events now cover over 15 industry categories. For more information about the company can be found at their website: www.consumerproductevents.com


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