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Photo credit: House Of Margeaux

House Of Margeaux, who was on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta created a great track called START A WAR, with sophisticated- political lyrics and the music is catchy and moving. This track definitely needs more airplay plus, its  fitting for what is going on today in the political arena and the war of discrimination and racism in the United States. Check out her video here > and follow her at www.houseofmargeaux.com 



Its difficult to even say this is America because nothing right now stands on American values. We’ve fallen into the lusting of communistic thinking, reasoning and downright Hatred. Its scary, terrifying and makes anyone living here not want to be classified among such humans.

Are we starting a war here? Is it just ISIS or are many groups in this united states gathering up to truly start a Civil- Racial War ? War against LGBT? War against any skin colour darker than a paper bag? War against Mexicans? War against the Government? War against Islam or against Muslims?

I ask and write it this way because the blatant stupidity of how people of this nation think, which is Ignorant and Hateful. Islam, an Arabic word coming from the root word SALEMA , which means peace, purity, submission and obedience. Islam is a religion of submission to the good will of GOD and obedience to his beneficial universal laws. Which you can match up to the same structure and processes of all the main religions including Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and ones that follow under these religious umbrellas such as Baptist, Methodist,  Jehovah’s Witness, etc…  So what makes you even better?

If we are all created by the one Creator, we are all built in his and her likeness, then who are you to judge? Who made you the Creator over me or any other human being on this planet? If you have NEVER hurt anyone in your entire life then go ahead and throw the first stone? And to never hurt means never  put anyone down verbally, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. NEVER. I’m waiting……

Most of these recent Terror- Massacres in this United States are being done by your very own citizens. So who are the real terrorists? If you can allow your hate to devour your soul then when you die you will be terrorized by those you kill. HELLO! Which is eternal terror, like that of a tape-recorder being played over and over again. Wake up to your evil.

I’m not going to even mention the being with the fake tan, fake blond wig that keeps flipping in the wind. He needs no more space for his hate. period.

To fight hate with hate grows more hate. It will never conquer that way and we all know this. Now, no one is saying to be stupid either. You gotta defend yourself but that needs proper strategy without emotions involved. And this is what President Obama is trying to explain. You can’t just do things because you are angry or upset, its the worst plan ever!!! How many movies do you need to see to understand that. Human Emotions will bring you to the ground. You got to think all sides and rationally to come up with the best plan. Geez, if surgeons were this angry most will never make it out of surgery alive. Wake up.

This hate should inspire you to create a new world of LOVE using your talents. Let’s start


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