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This season, the rising of Spring to Summer, we begin the second (2) year of Speak On Sickle Cell, http://www.speakonsc.org

Its not about re-explaining what is sickle cell. Its about speaking our truths with living with this disease. Its about breaking down the Stereotypes placed on sicklers by people especially medical professionals. Its about replacing ignorance with  educated information that will help rather than hurt ones living with Sickle Cell Disease.

Some of the stereotyping we will be highlighting is on Pain and Racism. Why these 2 topics? It is one of the main reasons to the lack of care given, the pull to not give pain medication and proper Chronic pain relief to those suffering from a sickle cell crisis,  or pain attack. It is used to judge a person before even helping them in a healthcare environment.


Sickle Cell Disease has nothing to do with the colour of a person’s skin. Chronic pain has nothing to do with the colour of a person’s skin. Pain is Pain. If you are white and stabbed with a knife in the thigh and another is coloured and stabbed with a knife in the thigh, both Will feel Pain. As a matter of fact, both will probably scream out in agony. Now, does that excruciating pain have anything to do with your skin colour? You tell me …

In our second year, we are holding an online campaign via Social media on Twitter,  Facebook,  Instagram to rally as many people worldwide to spread the word on Speak On Sickle Cell Obama,  getting State and National and International officials to begin open talks on Sickle Cell and Healthcare and implementing proper Sickle cell education to Medical Staff at hospital facilities worldwide.

We are seeking to raise money to help facilitate changes in the law, medical practice and to educate on sickle cell to medical conferences worldwide.

Look at your local hospital,  if bad care is given the results for that patient is bad all around. Proper knowledge and know-how is key to helping save a life and extending a life. Period.

We understand pharmaceutical companies have to make their Trillion Dollar income. The more that die the more money they make. We see the math on this. But is this right? Is this ethical? Is this based on Universal Law?

Why are we, the people, supporting this?

It doesn’t matter how much wealth or status you may have, once you are diagnosed with a killer disease, everything in your life is a wake up call, isn’t it. You see things in a different way that somehow you begin to wish for a second chance. But there are no more chances and Fear steps in and takes over, eating away your time.

Health is serious. Why do we play with it?

Sickle Cell is a challenge that is dealt with on a daily basis. Each day is dictated by how intense the pain is, which in turns lays out how much a person can do in their normal life that day.

Proper, well-informed education is important and needed to make a big difference.

Support our cause today. You can donate here http://bit.ly/1TIpH0g    and  Retweet #SPEAKONSICKLECELLOBAMA @Potus and @Flotus

To learn more about SOS – SPEAK ON SICKLE CELL OBAMA CAMPAIGN, please visit our website: www.speakosc.org and   LIKE our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/SpeakonSC/ 



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