GOSH!ABOUT: Zhenya Gershman, An Artist VISION!

GOSH!ABOUT: Zhenya Gershman, An Artist VISION!

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XII Apostles by Zhenya Gershman. Photo credit:www.zhenyagershman.com


When an artist has a vision, an idea, or captures the vision through a muse inspiration will evoke an intriguing masterpiece. This is the international renowned artist, Zhenya Gershman.

Zhenya Gershman, originally from Moscow, Russia, lives and paints in Los Angeles, California. At age 14, she was the youngest artist to have a solo exhibition in her country. She was also the youngest student to attend and graduate with Honours from Otis Art Institute and later to receive her Masters of Fine Arts degree from Art Center College of Design.  Zhenya is also an ART HISTORIAN and EDUCATOR. She worked for over a decade in The J. Paul Getty Museum, bringing her passion and unique understanding of art to thousands of people. Her work is dedicated to uncovering new perspectives regarding the life and work of Rembrandt, and she has contributed to such exhibitions as Rembrandt’s Late Religious Portraits and Rembrandt: Telling the Difference.

She is a Co-Founder of Project Awe, dedicated to the study of Aesthetics of Western Esoteric-ism offering a variety of unique programming to the community.

Her work is invigorating, deep, thought-provoking and leaves you with presence. I truly admire her work of portraiture and how she not only captures her Muse’s body (Mark Snyder) but also the soul seated within. Mark Snyder, professional model and muse, has been Zhenya’s key muse for the last few years. Not only does he pose for her, but also inspires and gives energy to her art.



1. Zhenya Gershman: Unveiling the Artist’s Muse 2. The Model Speaks! Mark Snyder receives A Lifetime Achievement Award from LGBT Center . /Photo credit: Eric Minh Swenson



Larger than Life by Zhenya Gershman. Photo credit:www.zhenyagershman.com


Zhenya Gershman. Photo credit:www.zhenyagershman.com


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