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I’m super excited that this show will see it’s finale next week. We, at Gosh!About had to take a moment to celebrate Big Ang, and give the space her family and friends needed. We respected their wishes. Its been hard since Big Any passed, but I know she would want us to finish the show commentaries too. So here we go…

Tonight, episode 9 was about a few sit downs. First we see Carla and Renee visit BIG ANG after her surgery – removing the cancer from her lung. This was truly supportive of them to do and they brought her a pizza too.

Next is Drita and her daughter, who gets a birthday surprise of her new puppy..soon adorable but of course mommy is the one who must take care of it.

Brittany meets up with Karen. Karen discusses the judge decision of not wanting to release her father. Plus discusses Drita..but Karen gave Brit great advice of instead of trying to be in something that is way over her head, to say you don’t want to hear nor be apart of it. Period! Wow, only now she understands what 25 years deep means… way over your head!

We also find out at this point after Big Ang surgery, she is cancer free!

Renee is killing it in her dance class that her dance teacher encourages her to do a performance on stage. She is now overwhelmed and wants to perfect her skills before doing that. She is enjoying the freedom and happiness dance is giving back to her. Especially a great workout!

Drita meets up with Brit at her job and again starts up with Karen in her mouth.. Brit has finally seen it and nervously tells her that she told Karen she don’t want to discuss Drita and right away Drita says she will not talk about Karen… yea right! So down the conversation she gives Brit advice on how and what to say at her sit down with Renee,Carla, Karen and Big Ang.

So proud of Karen for showcasing her father, Sammy Bull, amazing art works. Omg, his premeire was a great success, packed house. I loved many of his black and white pieces. Hope she will share more of his art. He is an Artist. Carla, Big Ang- who announced she’s cancer free to the girls, sparking a big celebration too, and pretty Marissa came out to support, plus her daughter, Karina, was there too and so many people loved the piece her grandfather did of her from a little girl.


The Sit Down.


This sit down had Delirious written all over it. Brittany starts heavily blaming Renee and Carla for pushing her to fight Marissa which is all lies. Then blames Carla for calling her Flip Flop…which is another lie…it was Big Ang who said it and she even admit by telling her to her face. You, can see this is ALL DRITA’S TEACHINGS… can we say a mini me? Anyway it got loud and heated. Brit feels these ladies are jealous and envious of her friendship with Drita. PLEASE, No-one cares about her friendship with Drita. So Brit yells and says fuck you and Carla tells her to get a new teacher. Since she couldn’t take the heat of the truth, Brit gets up swiftly to leave the restaurant …but oh no, it got too hot that Karen got up in Brits face, Renee and all the girls holding her back. Carla was so upset..but Karen wanted to talk to Brittany, but it wasn’t worth it realizing that Renee was Right from the jump start. At this point, its all over.

So tattle tale Brittany of course goes and tells her amazing guru, Drita, and also told her about the meet from last week  of what Karen was explaining to her… but of course Brit sets the bait, rats on Karen and Drita eats it all up and falls into the trap  announcing death on Karen Gravano. And with that wicked smile, Brittany says ” I know ” (smile).


Like I said this whole entire episode is summed up into one word: Delirious.

So it ends next week. Lets see whose talk and whose action.

Hey, rat blood can get thick and stinky. Watch yourself!

Lets go!




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