GOSH!ABOUT: Beyoncé, Is This Next Level?

GOSH!ABOUT: Beyoncé, Is This Next Level?

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OK, bring the hate after this debate, lol.

Let’s chat this up!

Beyoncé Drops a new single and video via TIDAL called Formation, 24 hours before her Super Bowl 50 Halftime Performance featuring Bruno Mars. Plus, announcing her new The Formation World Tour this Spring.

Beyoncé loves dropping bombs on her fans and the world at large.


Her performance at the superbowl was clean cut Black Panther and Michael Jackson homage, with the flower of life flow headliner Coldplay, set. The whole show was great. Reminded me of Diwali in India.

So let’s get into the kicker, which is the song and video that has been buzzing with mixed reviews and this is my take on it.

Beyoncé recently fired her ENTIRE TEAM OF how many years and signed on a brand new team. This new venture is to take her to the Next Level of her career. Next Level meaning a higher direction, taking bigger leaps which not only makes her More Money, but also much stronger associations, more talented wise companies in the arts, films, retail, better business etc that creates a stronger and classic brand of Beyoncé and Parkwood Entertainment.


So the anticipation to hear and see this new song was very very important to see what she truly has in mind.

Was this worth firing her Team over???

The song, Formation is basically a 2 part meaning, 1, going after for what you want in life and 2, emasculate your man.

The video, Formation is set in New Orleans with a 70s era and a 1900s era, with an 80s to 2000 inter mix.

She places a few symbols in the video, such as sinking a police car in the water; shot of her daughter in her natural hair, a young male dancer wearing a hoodie dancing infront of officers, and a sign that says STOP SHOOTING US, and her dancers wear afros rocking a more militant style. Kinda of reminds me of Spike Lee’s movie CHI-RAQ.


The song and the video do not correlate with each other. What the heck are you Slaying when you say.. ” If you fuck me right I might take you to Red Lobster?

Who looks at Red Lobster as a great reward or a top dining treat? Really?

WTF are you telling young girls especially your daughter, and having her in THIS video.?? If you have millions of dollars in your pocket why wouldn’t you be with someone  on your level or higher? Why are you telling young girls to take care of their men as if men are now feeble, weak and need another Mother in their life? Thats Degrading. Wives, girlfriends, partners are not Mothers to their men.

The other parts of the lyrics states “.. You will take him to the mall in your chopper (helicopter) to buy himself some jayz. WHAT! You, Beyonce don’t even go to the mall muchless have to, you have everything delivered to you even your jays so why NOT do the same for your man. Again, its like taking your man as a child incapable of doing for himself or his family and again, WHY would you, a woman, be with a man like that.??

The other part of the lyric,… ” You can get his song played on the radio!

States you have ALL THIS POWER which your man doesn’t that he has to come to you to get Help getting his own thing to become Successful through you!


This is demeaning. Many are striving to be the best in all they do. Men and Women. But I also understand men are created a certain way and women are created a certain way. He can and should be capable to get his in His way.

Most women are seeking a strong man. Call me Old Fashion, but I don’t want a sissy to come home to. I want a real man, a Gentleman who not only can hold his own but also takes terrific care of me and the family as a whole. And he is a great supporter of what I do. Supports my businesses and knows that’s  her thing and has no reason to dip into!

Getting Married is the goal. Not just being in a FRIENDSHIP*

The chorus parts of the lyrics of “I get mine… I think is cool in going after what you want and don’t stop till you get it. Thats cool. Its empowering. I think that direction should have gone all the way in the song and video because thats the true meaning of SLAY!

The southern charm and sexiness. 

Ladies, we are not men. We are not designed or created like men for a reason. I enjoy being a woman. I love being feminine, sexy, smart and sassy. No, I don’t want to be a Black Bill Gates.(You can Be like or similar to Bill Gates, period-colour has nothing to do with it. )

I will be the Billionaire Heiress, Najaam Phrsia Lee. I’m reaching to be me. Nothing and no other. 

Let me say this, I know and understand artistry and artists creative expressions.

But, you do not have to degrade, demean, emasculate others on your way up the ladder of bettering yourself or your career. You don’t have to dress overtly to get there either. People think its greener on the other side, but it takes hard work to make a grass green.

Overall, I don’t see the “Next Level” in this direction Beyoncé. I see a fall back several steps in this. A lady who was not brought up in the hood is trying so hard to be apart of it. Lil Kim and Nick Minaj both in different views, have lived and experienced living in poor conditions and taking that and turning their life around. Making something out of nothing. And with that realness, I can truly respect! They know what its like to be without something, Beyoncé doesn’t and  never had to. Her father was tough, but he was a hard working man and hes a man that dreamed BIG for his family. And you can’t knock him for that.

Formation needs a re-forming to get to that higher Next level. I hope this new team can do it. #pressure

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