GOSH!ABOUT: Marissa’s Boss Chic Swing! MobWives Ep.5

GOSH!ABOUT: Marissa’s Boss Chic Swing! MobWives Ep.5

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Oooooooo. It’s ON!

We have been waiting for a fight and Marissa and Brittany brought the hot blood to the table.


Let’s back up to the beginning of episode five in order to understand what lead this heat 🔥 on.

The OG MobWives had a sit-down the night before to face the issues among them, especially with Drita, Renee, Karen and Carla.

So, BIG ANG got a warehouse with one entrance so that no one could run and everyone can just hash it all out. The last to arrive was Drita.

Carla heads up the meeting with asking Drita what’s her problem and why not talk face to face with her about it. She even stated about the domestic fight that was shared in confidentiality for her to find out that Drita told BIG Ang and it spread. She told her exactly what was said regarding Love. Then everyone else began to chime in about the issues Drita was saying about them.

Drita apologizes to Carla. And even to Renee saying she was wrong to blame Renee about all the problems.

These ladies have 30 plus history together that shouldn’t be taken for granted over how people see Friendship, and people wanting to start their friendship over on a new leaf. Why have an issue with wanting to move forward. It’s petty and actually envious.

Next day, Renee meets up with her son AJ and his fiance Andrea, selfishly wanting them to move back home into her house. So as a mobwife will do, she bribes them with gifts of brand new his and her Rolex watches. They took the bate and will begin with 3 days a week. Lol.

We see Marissa hanging out and shopping for her man, designer jeans with her man’s sister. Marissa is a whole for designer labels. Ms. Princess 👸. They catch up and Marissa fills her in that Drita and her squashed the past. She has no beef with her. And she is still getting to know everyone. The only one of course is Brittany who she can’t stand and doesn’t care for.

After squashing their issues, and the OG MobWives meet up for drinks, except Drita, and Brittany meets with them. Before she could sit, BIG Ang fills in with that Marissa said she is a Flip Flop. Those were not her exact words, so Carla breaks it down referencing how Brit was instigating against Drita before even knowing her and then being her side chic at the party. Weird right?

So, Brit now is boiling, can’t understand why Marissa can’t keep her name out her mouth. So Karen suggested that the 2 need to have a sit down and resolve their issues. Brit confesses she won’t be able to sit there and talk. In fact, she could careless what Marissa has to say, she just wants to smash her face in.

Karen looked appalled and disappointed. She is caught in the middle with Marissa is her good friend and loyalty of her dad and Brittany’s father friendship and similar life experience.

Next day, at the beach bar, was the sit down set for. The OG ladies meet first and decided to separate the women when they come.

Brittany arrives wearing gladiator sandals, blue micro shorts, and white tank with hair in ponytail. She came to brawl. So Drita and Renee take her and try to calm her down, encouraging her to just talk it out, but she wasn’t hearing it. That’s when Drita shook her head and and said hey I get that way of shaking so much cause I just want to fight. And look who took that as the bible— Brittany!!!

Karen goes over to try and talk some sense into Brit saying hey, I just talk it out at least hear what she has to say. That’s when Brit looked at Karen crazy and said Karen get the Fuck out if this. This is between me and Marissa and you can’t tell me I can’t fight her.

Karen was so disappointed and upset. Loyalty and deep friendship is now on the line for Karen, and because she brought Brittany into the group which makes her responsible. PLEASE NOTE: DON’T EVER BRING NEW FRIENDS, NEW PEOPLE INTO A SACRED, TIGHT CREW.They end up destroying it 👊👊👊


Now, Marissa arrives and did she ever make an entrance. The girl came to party, not to fight! She wore a black bikini with black biker strap stilettos and a long colourful animal print beachcover. Can we say Sexy? Hair and make on Fleek. She strutted with confidence. Boss Chic on the runway. She was calm and collective. So Renee told her that they separated them to try and calm Brittany and encouraging her to just talk it out. Marissa says I know how to behave. I’m not going to act out unless I am provoked. But I will talk. Then Karen says come let’s get this done. Let you both talk this out.

Karen takes Marissa over to Brittany whose legs are still shaking.

Brittany says whats your problem with me? Why you keeping a tab of how much I drink and blah blah blah…

Marissa whose calm says, and who said I had a problem with you. I’m not keeping tabs… Then Brittany cuts her with why you calling me a cheerleader and a flip flop. Marissa says, I never called you a cheerleader. Renee did. So instead of trying to let Marissa finish, Brittany yells out to Renee to come here. Renee goes over and says I’m the one who said Cheerleader. Yes.

Then, Brittany goes in with why you calling me a flip flop and before Marissa could answer, Brit says You want to fight? You want to fight me? And she is moving closer to Marissa as she’s saying that.

Marissa says, Is that what you want? and in 2/2 as Brit leans to hit her, Marissa lands a left hook to Brittany’s face with Brittany trying to swing back but pulled back by security.



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