GOSH!About: Attracting More $$ With A GUESS Wallet

GOSH!About: Attracting More $$ With A GUESS Wallet

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Attracting more money is what we all want in our lives,  yet we slip by the simplest way, which is our wallets we carry daily. I have seen plenty of worn out wallets from both men and women, including my own. Holes, rips, daily wear and tear on our wallets shows that we use them, but it also shows what our finances are like indeed. A holey wallet, equals holes in receiving or keeping money. As soon as it comes it quickly goes.

How can you change this and turn this around?

Renew the way you look at money. Money is not an enemy. It is actually like a family member. Money is with us everyday. And we must look at money as our best partner, best friend, because that friend actually wants, desires to see you achieve and succeed in your life and to use it to do GREAT THINGS in life. Its not here nor made to make you suffer, that is Mans desire, Mans mindset, but it doesn’t say anywhere that it has to be Yours!

This year, this now moment, take the money out of your old wallets and make a friend with it. Learn it, know it and move with it. Then place this money into a new wallet. Its important for you to invest in a good wallet. Start small, for example, spend $10 on one and use, then the next one double on price, $20. Challenge yourself each time. Take the time to look for the type, style and quality you want your money to sit in. Because its going to be its home for awhile.  Make sure to change your wallet before it begins to fall apart.


If you do this, watch how the Universe will turn that investment into an abundant manifestation. You will begin to attract more money and hold it longer than before. You will attract more opportunities that turns into a cash flow.




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