Controversy: Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner

Controversy: Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner

by Najaam Lee

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I was not going to get in on this, but with Bette Midler  and Rose McGowan stating their bit, I was like okay, I am NOT the only one thinking and seeing this.

Caitlyn Jenner (Bruce) has only been a “woman” for less than a year but GLAMOUR Awarded her wOMAN oF tHE yEAR . Which was a serious slap in the face to women globally.

HOW can a person whose been a man all his life in less than 6 months put a dress, heels and makeup, some plastic surgery, be called a woman and have NEVER LIVED a females life get a “Woman of the Year” award?       This is an Insult to women and also to the LGBT community all together who have lived a life in such struggle, discrimination of the ugliest especially in America, Russia and many other countries around the world.

Its so disappointing. This shows me GLAMOUR has NO CLUE whats it like to be a REAL Woman much less lived in the shoes of REAL WOMEN. They hopped on a opportunity wagon to get MORE BRAND EXPOSURE – ruthless.

I don’t support their magazine nor any other products they have and you shouldn’t either. They WILL be the first to throw you, real women, and the LGBT community under the bus!

I support the LGBT community. And with that being said what people wanted was for Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner to learn to be a woman and live it, yet he-she was DOGGING the LGBT Community. Pretending in his No Good Reality Show on E! that he’s so ONE with the LGBT, but really a Clueless MAN with a discriminate, judgmental, slamming mindset towards them.

Can we say Republican?

There have been so many visual incidents that have taken place since he-she open its mouth with slanderous talks about LBGT are lazy, don’t want to work/ jobless, and wining about their situation.

People forget, just because he changed his name to Caitlyn Jenner, does not mean Bruce Jenner no longer exists! He does and quite vividly.

Some Kardashian style makeup, Kardashian style clothes, shoes and nail polish does not remove the Bruce underneath. That mindset, the speeches, interviews, etc is all BRUCE with a new name. That’s it! Its Hollywood White Rich Privilege which gives him a pat on the back and a escape goat to let him through without ANY REAL BACKLASH. OK. Don’t forget Caitlyn will always have the mind set of a man, until he truly dies to BRUCE, which clearly he has not. Bruce is still standing with her-him to protect her when needed.


True Transgender have died to their former gender and are truly 100% female or male. Its not both.

Caitlyn – Bruce does not have this. He hasn’t given up Bruce. And this is what the media is leaving out!

Another plastic surgery and a few pills will make him look like Bruce again when he’s done playing dress up.

What if Micheal Jackson was transgender, do you know every single sponsor, the news, the media at large would Murder Him verbally and financially. He would never work again in his life. OMG and he’s a black man in their eyesight. They would have lynched him way before his death. – #realtalk 

But history shows what Bruce has done has been done before in the times of the Romans. It was a secret yet not a secret when many of these men in position were also Transgender in secret among certain friends and families which so many servants had the opportunity to witness. Yet, because they were men of wealth and status, they weren’t condemn for it. Flip the situation the other way, the Church and stakes would have lit their butts on fire with a quickness because it would have been Blasphemy in the sight of their GOD.

To conclude, Caitlyn Jenner is right now enjoying the media – fame attention Bruce has always wanted. And when this truly fades, (and it will) she will purposely hide within her tower, take off her dress, shoes, remove the makeup, the hair extensions and be Bruce once again.

Everyone has made their bed, and must lie in it. 



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