What If You Could…

What If You Could…

By Najaam Lee

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What if you could make your dreams and goals come true? What if you removed all the doubts and just JUMP for it?

2016 is around the corner and many are thinking about doing a NY Resolution. This is something that is done by millions of people across the globe through either writing it down, or making a wish, making a dream/vision board, etc…

Many want to do the following in 2016:

  • start a new business
  • earn 6 or 7 figures a year ( this is my goal also 🙂
  • lose weight
  • be healthy
  • get in shape
  • be in a new relationship
  • improve their current relationship
  • Vacation in Italy or Bali
  • buy a new car
  • buy a new home
  • donate to a charity

These are only some from a list of 100+ goals people normally place on their New Years Resolution.

So what’s it really going to take to achieve any of these goals?

On Thursday, I spoke about this along with a business opportunity that you can actually change your whole lifestyle with.

Many think with a wish, a thought and maybe a few mantra repetitions that they will achieve everything on the above list. BUT, you are wrong to even think so. We forget the phrase HARD WORK still exists.

How does one work hard to achieve even one of the above goals?

By shifting your mindset. You have to see what you want to achieve and see it clearly. I mean very clear. I always write my goals down and look at it and write it over and over until it is exactly what I truly will go after.

Second, I ask How can I achieve this? What steps MUST I take to make this happen? I ask these questions out loud into the Universe as if someone is actually listening – which is ME.

Third, I start. Just do it. I’m not waiting for the answers to come. I must start a wave of energy through action for the answers to stream through.

And each day I do it. I just do it.

You can do this starting today. You don’t have to wait until January 1st 2016 comes to start. Pre-prep is the best way actually.

Here’s my Thursday tea party I had where I discuss several of the goals on the list above and how you can get in. Its about moving doubt to the curb and just doing it.

* What is Your New Years Resolution that you can start today??

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