I Can’t, Windows 10 — WORST BEHAVIOUR

I Can’t, Windows 10 — WORST BEHAVIOUR!

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Ladies and Gents, I was so very excited about the upcoming launch of Windows 10. All the stuff they said it will do and how much better, more improved our computers, tablets, laptops etc etc will be. How much faster, smoother it will be to make our lives much easier, less complicated. Well OMG! When I clicked start Download, I had no idea I was about to open Pandora’s BOX of HELL!

I want to cry ya’ll… just cry. I hate Windows 10. Yes, a strong HATE. Why?

I, as most people, had Windows 8 or 8.1, which worked beautifully. I had no problems with it. A few tweaks was all it needed, not a major over haul. With Windows 8.1 ,  I was able to do my work, swiftly and efficiently, without the bells and whistles. I could even do my work on my phone and upload onto Windows with no HICK UPS.

NOW ( I apologize for my caps, but I am expressing my voice hard in this post so that Microsoft HEARS ME), my beautiful, brand new, Sony Vaios, Touch Screen, Smart Laptop/Tablet moves like a freaking snail. My Smart Screen use to move horizontally and that was ONE of the many reasons I bought it because of this feature. Now, it does the stupid, like everyone else, vertical movement of the apps. If I wanted a regular laptop I would have bought one Microsoft. The Office 360 no longer works, no longer opens. Now, you have to download the whole OFFICE package onto your cell before it works on your computer. This is stupid. I didn’t buy my phone to add software I don’t use and fill up unnecessary space. Who said customers wanted that feature? I DIDN’T. The foolish Cortana doesn’t even open when you call her name, much less do exactly what you want it to do. Every command you give, she opens up BING for you to search. There are better assistant apps on my phone. They can get rid of or go to another company who knows how to create a Virtual Assistant! To add your photos, videos, etc… Is like waiting for your airplane to taxi to its gate! SLOW.

The overall experience of Windows 10 by Microsoft is the WORST Behaviour – in Drakes Voice –  I have ever experienced. I want my money back to get a New Computer, Microsoft! I want back $1700. in cash you owe me! The staff at Microsoft sits behind their desks and create foolishness and never once spoke to a real- living Human Being in person, much less 10 million to get proper input as to what we as consumers really want. This is why your company is sliding down hill. I don’t know what you people were thinking when you made this, but Windows 10 SUCKS!

Just to do this damn post took me 3 hours instead of 1. Why?  Freaking Windows 10 kept freezing and letting me shut down and restart. URRRRGGGG!!! I am so angry, frustrated and so disappointed in Microsoft for creating this piece of crap and having everyone download it. A bunch of garbage. I want my new computer back. OMG!

Trash it!

I’m too upset to continue, and I’m trying to hurry so it wont freeze up on me again in this post!

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