No Real Estate = No ART! The Rise of Rent In New York City as an Artist

No Real Estate = No ART! The Rise of Rent In New York City as an Artist

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee

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Living in NYC as an artist can be the worst block of hell to experience. Why? Places to live are scarce and the rents are HIGH!

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When I lived there, it took me into a depression. It was difficult to focus on your art and then making rent every month. A single bed room was at that time $1900. and that didnt include any utilities! Yes that’s US $Dollars. Today, a single bedroom can run you $2300 – 2500. or more! And again that doesn’t include utilities. Any place asks for 3 up front, which is First, Last and Security. So as an artist, coming up with close to $10, 000. up front is a massive hell. You are one paycheck away from being homeless. And its not the greatest experience. This has to change because if you dont make enough to barely cover rent, how do you cover the rest of your monthly expenses. Remember, I didnt even mention to add a child into the mix if you have one. Sounds crazy?

Caroline Woolard is an artist and is making a major shift on Real Estate in New York for artists. Watch video, and I encourage you to get involved. The more the better to make a strong permanent change.


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Najaam Lee Art and Healing

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