GOSH!ABOUT: What Do Artists Do All Day? POLLY MORGAN

GOSH!ABOUT: What Do Artists Do All Day? POLLY MORGAN

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee

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Quick Rant: With so much going on in our world, I thank the Universe everyday for art. Because art seriously is the best ride I have out of this crazy place we call United States of America. I don’t even know if this is America anymore. So much hate and deaths that its a brain overloaded in every way. One minute you are happy, next you are shocked, then mad, frustrated, sad, crying… and on and on.. Everyday, this LAW in which we live under, is killing or wiping out people of colour. Seriously, every day the news posts up a new murder, wrongful death, illegal harassment, etc .. It’s really scary y’all that I purposely have to plan and prep and make sure it makes sense to go anywhere. That’s how crazy its getting. Trust for anyone, including your neighbour is GONE. Sorry for the rant, I think its just too much and its getting to me. #washawaymyskincolour … Sorry, CAN’T!


Thank you Polly Morgan, I think your art is so fitting for today’s moment.

London-based British artist uses taxidermy to create works of art. When I saw her work, I was totally amazed. I remembered a walk I did when I lived in New York, and I came across a bird who died like 2 minutes before I approached. It was so beautiful, with yellow and white and grey wings. I bent down thinking it was injured, but when I touched it …it had passed on. The bird was still warm; it was limp, but yet so beautiful. I lightly brushed its wings, and cradled in my hands, and I found a spot for it to lay and rest… I experienced life and death in that one moment.

Having studied with Scottish taxidermist George Jamieson, Morgan began to play with and dismantle taxidermy traditions, creating sculptures that brought her work to the attention of many notable collectors and curators both in Britain and internationally. – See more at: http://pollymorgan.co.uk/biography/#sthash.ZRWL3X73.dpuf
Check her out in the studio on What Do Artists Do All Day? British TV Show.
Part 2
Some of her works, c/o Polly Morgan Website – http://www.pollymorgan.co.uk
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As always more is to come!

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