GOSH!ABOUT: The New NL ART Experience

GOSH!ABOUT: The New NL ART Experience

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee




I’ve recieved many questions about my new art series called PAIN, and wanted to answer in one sweep ūüôā so to speak. One thing is for sure, the best way to view PAIN is in person. I will be hosting many events to showcase PAIN. Get onto my RSVP LIST to be the first to recieve all details on dates, times, locations, get a chance to recieve a special giveaway, plus more!Click here now http://pain.najaamleeart.com

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        Why I created the PAIN COLLECTION?

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† In the beginning of starting this project, I had a vague idea as to what this project will be about, but I did know I wanted to explore certain parts of me and my life, and as the many sketches began to form a series of similar patterns and effecting emotions within me and began realizing I’m touching on my pain.

        #Pain is never a great feeling for anyone, but living with #chronicpain is a whole#lifestyle.

As always more is to come!

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