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A Bright Star’s Wish: Our Q&A with Artist Najaam Lee

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Yesterday, NL ART aka Najaam Lee, launched her newest series called PAIN, and Laura LaVelle of NewsWhistle caught up with Najaam Lee in New York to talk about this new art collection and her special cause for Sickle Cell and so much more! Read more> 

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Snippet from interview :

…she told me a bit about her art: she paints (oils and acrylics), she draws, and she does video performance art pieces. She is currently working on a series called PAIN, which brings a focus, as she says, down the rabbit hole of pain in her body, to represent it in an artistic way. Her disease is largely invisible; she looks perfectly healthy, and yet she suffers a constant, excruciating pain. Through her story, she is making it a visual disease. She plans to launch in…


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As always more is to come!

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