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Friday, it goes down officially World Sickle Cell Day.


We, @SpeakOnSC on twitter, created a grassroots Twitter Campaign call #SpeakOnSickleCellObama to reach out to President Obama @POTUS requesting him and his team to utilize his voice, position and leadership to speak on a disease that has been silent, suppressed by politics and discrimination and myths which have resulted in lack of funding, research, medical care and just plain CARE from states & representatives, local communities, work staffs, families, relatives and friends. This silent disease is SICKLE CELL.

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Through our efforts and many online communities plus supporters, we have so far reached more than 9.5 K tweets and re-tweets, with more than 2.5 million views with Twitter alone. Our Goal by Friday, June 19, 2015 is to reach 10, 000 tweets to President Obama. I am so proud of our team and the pouring in of online support, but its not enough.

Our main goal is to have President Obama lift his voice with us and spread awareness, which will impact Sickle Cell GLOBALLY. We can do this – Together

The question is will Mr.President Obama @POTUS speak on Sickle Cell?

I believe he will.

We have rattled his twitter pages  non stop, which have ignited a domino of events. And, I believe in continuing even after World Sickle Cell Day, with tweeting the President, non stop. This cause is too important to stop, quit or give up. Yet, I do think many will give up and quit if Mr. President doesn’t Speak on World Sickle Cell Day.

The vision needs to spread to all 4 corners of the earth then dive deep into the core of the earth creating a major eruption that will move the plates of the Earth. This is how we must see this movement and keep at it.

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photo design credit: SpeakOnSC/C.Trimell    The many faces, nationalities, cultures of Sickle Cell .

This is my vision, even if the title SpeakOnSC changes, the mission for Sickle Cell does not.

Today, I ask all of you reading this, please Tweet the following:

#SpeakOnSickleCellObama @POTUS @BarackObama

Go out on Friday, June 19, 2015 and attend a World Sickle Cell Day event in your area, or donate to a official Sickle Cell organization , visit a Sickler who may be in the hospital, or go get Tested to see if you carry the Sickle Cell Trait, or go read up on Sickle Cell and educate yourself. Check out http://www.speakonsc.org for some information on what is Sickle Cell.

Do something for Sickle Cell starting today. Too many are losing their lives way too soon by this disease.

Will you lend your voice for Sickle Cell? Will you Mr. President Obama? Will YOU?

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As always more is to come!

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