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Is this nonsense or is this nonsense? Was this video to be positive, inspirational? Was it to showcase Girl Power?

Well, before I prance all over this, watch the video here and then read what I’m about to say. Deal? .. cool. Watch

So the video and lyrics are WAY DIFFERENT. Lyrically, its a great song of friendship that was once tight is now destroyed and cannot be amended. But the video is so off that it makes the song sound seriously stupid. Here’s how>

The video is packed with top female celebrities from the Acting world, Music World and Fashion/Modelling World and one main guy character and that’s Kendrick Lamar.

So this super girl power force is located in some serious underground cave, practicing their skills as we see Taylor highlight many of them. They are getting ready to go fight another female. What?! According to the lyrics, Selena Gomez plays her trusted friend turn thief-enemy. And we are supposedly to believe that Taylor is so goody innocent that she cant believe this has  “just” happened to her -… Little ol’ sweet innocent never starting never hurting anyone at all in her ENTIRE life -Taylor Swift! WTF

Two, female gangs going up against each other. Now wait, this is supposed to be POSITIVE for our young girls. Is this really Girl Power? NO. This is getting even. This is about getting others to help you fight your battles instead of YOU handling it yourself like a Lady.

Nothing in this video makes sense. Taylor next time go watch Beyonce’s video Run The World and take notes!

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As always more is to come!

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