GOSH!About: Life As It Was 200 Years Ago

GOSH!About: Life As It Was 200 Years Ago

Editor in chief: Najaam Lee

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Remove the hatred, the racial discrimination, and social injustices.

Lets look at just living at a time when music you had to make the instrument in order to play, or buy the simple piano forte that echoed throughout the house.

Or, awake to seeing the trees and hills around you quite easily. Taking a walk you always saw something different, and beautiful. The beach, the water was the purest. It truly quenched your thirst like never before. Every household member took part in helping to cultivate what would be their very own.

Such life is missing today. Peoples fears have risen to such an extreme, that a person’s life no longer has value. It has no meaning anymore.Its more scary than before. People are no longer of their word. A handshake means nothing either. The eyes deceive beyond its comprehension.  And the tongue flips stories like pages in a book.

This new world is more a tragic place than say Pluto or Neptune. Yea, I know, such an interesting, weird comparison to bring in, but because the preservation of those 2 planets are such, we humans have not persevered this planet at all. Every year, each season, is no longer the same. This past winter is evidence of that destruction. Global Warming. The effect of global warming was seen by so many this past year, that made many rethink whats really going on here.

Today is Earth Day, yet the planet is going through so many tremors, its unsettling. Yet, this day will go unnoticed to so many that as tomorrow comes we go back to the same ol same o.  No change.

As the new wind approaches, its time to prepare to move ..off grid. To take up residence in locations isolate that it gives a hand in the process of making it breathable, livable, and only taking what one needs. And giving back to mother so she can renew, regrow, and bring more abundance to do the process again….

Food for thought on Earth Day.

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As always more is to come!

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