Monday Motivation: Go HARD!

Monday Motivation: Go HARD!

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Life can hit you very hard and take the very breath away from you.

We can get down, have very lows for days and weeks on end.

Its a feeling we really hate, but yet embrace for way too long.

Winter has lifted, therefore Cleaning must be the next step in order to take in the bright light of Spring and Summer.

Cleaning begins with you. To clean the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body.

If you noticed at the mid-point of March, a major shift happened, and it seemed like things that were going so good, all of a sudden broke its ground and turned over, creating such an uproar and a BIG mess?!

Things just switched; people changed, situations changed, everything that were important to you and was going so well,  was now in pieces, and you are looking at this wondering what exactly happened, what did you miss or not miss? Our minds start racing, and insecurities, doubts, and such confusion, that it has literally wiped your energy away, leaving you unable to move forward.

The entrance of Spring hitting our front door my friend. Its time to wake up and take care of you. Whatever was set in motion has now unraveled, and you got to do something different. Go back to the drawing board and come up with something new, or better, or completely different. Some things are just not in sync with the time of the Universe.

When Life switches up on you,  you got to go even harder than you ever did before. After you know what you needed to change, add or take away; now you got to go and attack it. Go HARD!

This week, starting today, go hard after what you want in your life. Even if your breathing gets shallow, even if you feel exhausted, can’t move, cant even speak, even if you are filled with fear, and scared of the possible outcome, tell yourself to Get Up and Keep Going Hard.

Make it a great week!


As always more is to come!

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