GOSH!ABOUT: Versace Steals From Artist KESH x American Apparel

GOSH!ABOUT: Versace Steals From Artist KESH x American Apparel

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee

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I just can’t believe after reading BULLET MEDIA and KESH’s Instagram,  how low a company will go to be on top or much worse steal from great artists trying to break grounds and come up.

Well, VERSACE showed some serious dog colours when they went and blatantly stole from artist KESH recently, who did a collaborated effort with American Apparel a year go. Her signature is black and white abstract art. I remember when KESH was working on this artwork, like about 2 + years it took her to do, create, develop, and launch it. She also did an online show, and traveled to many American Apparel locations to help promote it. This series of work is KESH’s face, so how could this happen?

Versace straight out copied her T-Shirt Design and selling it 10x more than what American  Apparel charged, plus the new shirts are sold out, making VERSACE a killing off of Stolen Art!  Is Versace that Money – Hungry, that you would have to go so low just to stay at top!? What happened to designers being “creative”? or is Versace no longer Creative, so the best thing is to steal it. OMG! Gianni Versace must be rolling in his grave with outrage. Because when he was alive, being creative and standing out among other designers was the ultimate, which made his collections rock worldwide. Versace has tainted their name with this action! Should we as consumers still support you?

Which part of Don’t Care are you, Versace?

See what I’m talking about below:

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Left> is Versace and Right> is KESH & American Apparel
(credit: Fashion Law)

*** Its so important to Support the Artist! #supportartists


As always more is to come!

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