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This month, I wanted to talk on chronic pain for the Sickle Cell Series…. I think the type of pain that we experience is one that is hard for many to comprehend plus perceive. Why? for the complexity of the pain we have and experience. It can be described as a pounding up to a stabbing type of pain, that is agonizing and quite unbearable. This type of Chronic pain affects every aspect of one’s life, from the physical, emotional, mental, to affecting family, friends and very close relationships, as well as job or career, to the basic every day living. It’s not an easy life to walk, but so many do it daily, including myself.

Chronic pain has destroyed lives, relationships, careers, etc.. because it is demanding. It has nothing to do with fragility; it has to do with dedicated commitment, support, and lots of patience; which most people do not have that in them. Most families and friends have their own lives to live, and the thought of sharing ones life to give a dedicated support is unthinkable! Most black or African-american families will not be there to support their own family member suffering from Sickle Cell; this has been surprising to many medical staff and its troubling. Many sickle cell patients who are hospitalized are there by themselves most of the time without a single member visiting them on a daily, much less calling to check in on them! Its a shameful statistic, that causes many sicklers to give up on living and would rather die than live with such a dreadful disease all alone without the needed support!

Sickle Cell is not a simple headache one gets when probably you didn’t eat or haven’t had enough sleep. Sickle Cell pain (crisis) is a day to day to day lifestyle. It doesn’t hop and go away, it is a disease that stays, lingers, and annoys the many parts of the body, joints, muscle, bones, etc… It is embedded. Therefore, the approach to living with such chronic pain is moment to moment. When in alot of pain, we got to stop whatever we are doing and go chill or lay down, drink fluids, curl up under a blanket, take our meds, meditate or zone out, to relax the entire body. This can take from maybe an hour to maybe the entire day or more….

In this video, I discuss the chronic pain SS have on a daily, and how we handle it on a day to day basis. I discuss what it feels like and how it affects one’s day. Watch now to learn more about chronic pain for Sickle Cell Survivors. Please Like, Share and Comment below. Help to bring awareness. Thank you 🙂


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