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Kelela has a new, upcoming EP launching soon called Hallucinogen. I-D caught up with her and her newest release from the album called The Message.

Kelela is the LA-based singer with waist length dreads (watch her cut them off here) who we first heard on poptronica duo Teen-girl Fantasy’s EFX and hailed as the future of music when we met her at the beginning of last year. We’re going back to the future once again with A Message, the first video from her forthcoming EP, Hallucinogen. Produced by Arca, Hallucinogen takes us on a journey through lust, longing, delirium and ecstasy. Directed by Daniel Sannwald, A Message is the stage that comes before lust, the darker realisation of love; the “rejection and amputation.” Watch the cartoon lights twist around and engulf the sylph-like singer, transforming her into a virtual goddess at war with herself, spilling out a rolling vocal that will mesmerize lesser mortals…


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