GOSH!About: RiRi in W KOREA!!!

GOSH!About: RiRi in W KOREA!!!

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OMG! I just got a jolt of energy from checking out these images of the singer Rihanna who is featured in W Korea this month. Go get a copy and check out these photos below!

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(c) Credit W Korea

150128_W_Korea_Shot_2_0131_ritouch 150128_W_Korea_Shot_3_0084 150128_W_Korea_Shot_4_0255 2 150128_W_Korea_Shot_5_0409_ritouch2 150128_W_Korea_Shot_6_0557_ritouch option 2 150128_W_Korea_Shot_7_0640 2_ritouch 150128_W_Korea_Shot_7_0757_ritouch5 150128_W_Korea_Shot_8_1184_ritouch2


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