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After sounding off and getting a response from QVC, they went on to reading my blog post and wanted to address the last part of my post in which I couldnt understand why they had changed up the girls hair so very quickly, instead of allowing her to rock the natural hair she has already. So they wanted to address this as well. Please read below:

QVC Hi Najaam, We read your blog post and have more information regarding concerns about the video. In an effort to be sensitive to those who may have been upset by the video, we removed the original segment clip from our website. Once we did so, our video content management system automatically posted the next most recent video of the product, which happened to feature the same model, Michelle, on a day when she styled her hair differently. We did not reshoot the video.
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Well, I do hope this situation does NOT happen again. This has been going on all over the place for centuries, and its about time it STOPPED. If we, the people, see this from your company again, then we really must look at WHY it keeps being allowed, and then quickly wanting to dismiss, instead of changing directly.


Moments ago, I did a Sound Off on the QVC Natural Hair outrage. Please see article and video below. After posting this Sound Off on Facebook, QVC quickly responded to me in a statement, please read below >

This is what I wrote,

SOUND OFF!!! BOYCOTT QVC ‪#‎curlyhair‬ ‪#‎naturals‬
Enough is enough. Every person on this planet earth is different and made different and when “cotton picking” are we going to wake up and see each other for what we are. If our hair is curly and big — thats our hair! WHY do we still have big corporations still playing this outrageous racial propaganda that WHITE IS RIGHT!? See the video and see how they went and tamed this Models hair by straighten it to look like their Dumb white hosts! Instead of firing that host .. they went and changed up the models hair replace her Fro for bone straight.
Majority of their buyers comes from the Black and Hispanic communities. Does this QVC represent you? If Not, BOYCOTT.

QVC quickly responds : 

QVC Hi Najaam, We are sorry that our on-air hosts’ statements were perceived as insensitive and that many were offended. Sandra, the host, has apologized publicly and has spoken directly with Michelle, the model, to personally apologize. QVC is committed to diversity and inclusion and we celebrate the uniqueness of every team member, partner and customer.
Sandra has issued this public apology and we would like to share it with you. “Hi everyone. I want to apologize to anyone I offended during a recent Dooney & Bourke show. I made a comment along of the lines of when you carry a Dooney, you look good even if you don’t do your hair. It was meant to be lighthearted, but in the middle of my comment, the camera cut to Michelle, an African American model. I want to be clear that I was in no way talking about her. It was just terrible timing. In fact, despite how it may have appeared, I didn’t even realize this had happened until today when I saw some comments on Facebook and received a phone call. I have since called Michelle to apologize and thankfully, she didn’t remember the comment or even know any of this had happened. I’m confident that anyone who knows me personally understands I would never even think to make such a connection. Still, in our business perception is reality and I’m mortified that I gave that impression. So again, I’m very sorry to our viewers who felt hurt or angered by my comments. Sandra”


After reading their statement, I understand people make mistakes, but seriously, in a business that you work on daily, you know who your models are, they are to represent the many styles and looks and the many people who support you. So that day you had seen your model and you know exactly how her hair is. What I do not comprehend is if it was such a simple mistake, why switch up her hair after this event took place? If it was so simple, then truly show it wasn’t about her hair by allowing her to wear her natural hair!

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After the video controversy, Models hair is quickly changed to straight. (c) QVC

Stop the politics and just do the right thing – person to person.


What do you think of this incident? Are you frustrated that it keeps happening? Should QVC have changed the model’s hair or kept her natural hair as is? Your feedback below is welcomed.

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