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That red dress and that strut will slap a man dead in his tracks! Marshana had the final say last night as it went down at Casa La Femme, in New York. OMG! Stefan was in the WRONG striking up tension and pushing buttons as if he was on Trumps Elevator. Something is definitely up with Stefan and I will say it again, he is NOT the one. Marshana got way too much going for her to settle for this pint size!

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But we go up the block with Alex and Kris on their ” 3rd Date” and ALL OF NEW YORK heard this man announced his love for Kris, but she smacked him down with jealousy, insecurities over his ex liking his photos. OMG! Somebody go check that man’s FB Page and find out WHO THIS EX IS and how many Pics She LIKED??? Well it was enough for Kris to twist it into Alex is having deep relations with this female. Alex was soo happy to see Kris and just let him down AGAIN with another wild fear-factor blow! The girl has a ton of relationship fears that she is pinning it on Alex, and thats sooo not right… But Kris got up and took off like a yellow cab in NY….

Jin and Sydney fell out on their second date.I mean it broke before it had a chance to really start. Jin dropped the other man bomb and it blew Sydney’s face off– LITERALLY! She has been talking to another guy at the same time. She went out on her first ONLINE DATE with this other potential, and Sydney could not hold his emotions. He was dumbfounded and perplexed and it just kept falling deeper into the pit. At their dinner, he was trying to explain what he does differently in his dating and Jin was trying to say that she hasnt been out on a date in a while and … It made the situation worse, spinning out of control that Jin could not even eat. She bounced!

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Charley and Darion finally had their first official date, and it was a picnic in the evening. Very romantic. Charley was quite attentive. During their date, Darion asked some questions, to learn a new side of Charley and vice versa. We even learn that Darion ministers to weddings. HELLO! But the main question asked of Charley was if he wants to get married. Very serious direction from Darion, like he is really thinking like this. But Charley answers were still seeing Darion in the Friend Zone, and you just see Darion’s expression fading into a Jokers smile. Hmmm what is going to fly next week in Episode 4 with all of them…

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