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Bravo’s Friends To Lovers episode 2 was all about first dates with friends out of the friend zone.  The episode was also dedicated to past cast member, George Gregory Plitt who died via a train accident where he was filming.

Kris & Alex kicked off the show with their date at Le Cirque, in NY. Alex was sooo super nervous, anxious and has been thinking about this date for the past 8 years. He was dressed handsomely and Kristen wasn’t bad herself. She was out of contact lenses and a phone, so her attention could only be on Alex for the night, lol. But the date couldn’t really flow for Kris was dead set of making their first date into reprimanding a serious Commitment from Alex before they go any further on the dinner. I mean, she’s bringing up his past relationships at dinner to remind him that he goes with the flow, and that she can just go into Tiffany’s and wear a ring for awhile before deciding to buy it! But what she fails to understand is that a relationship is more than shopping for a ring. No one goes into Tiffany just once and buys straight out. People visit Tiffany’s many times before making a purchase, and most times that takes months to years before the right one is purchased.

Jin & Sydney go to a Art Class in LA for their date. This was fun and creative, which got both of them exchanging creative energies. The first part of their class was drawing a tree, which Jin demonstrated her art skills. Poor Sydney was a nervous wreck when part 2 of the class began because it was all about drawing naked models – a male and a female. He was tripping over seeing the male models cock staring him in the face! lol. Jin was enjoying this to the max. At dinner, Sydney wanted Jin to answer a few questions regarding their friendship and their future. This was wack! Too quick and way too anxious on his part.

Charley & Darion plan a first date to happen in Palm Springs, CA. Charley assist his client who is having a White Party event in Palm Springs which ignites a great idea in Charley to ask Darion to come up for their first date. Darion is quite resistant to this idea, because a White Party is full of loads of people, loads of drinking, and loads of sexual plays happening all around. Not his idea of a First Date. But, trusting Charley and wanting to be with him, he drives up 3 hours to meet him at a  Pool party. Upon arriving, Charley gets Darion a drink, then goes back to working the event, leaving Darion for more than 30 minutes at which point Darion has had enough, very upset, and storms out of the event, with Charley chasing behind him. After seeing how upset and uncomfortable Darion was, Charley apologizes and makes it up to Darion by planning a date which will be just the 2 of them spending time together. Charley quickly redeems himself which we will see in episode 3.

Marshana & Stefan basically has a bit of hang out fun! Marshana visits Stefan at his house, like she always does but this time around wants to make him know exactly how she feels about him. Stefan is seriously an interesting man that says quite little, yet is searching for something. He shows Marshana his purchase of a new bed that they both looked at while furniture shopping for his place. After a few drinks, the conversation stirs with a question for Stefan, “How does he really feels about Marshana? and it starts, a back and forth forplay of I Like You, with loads of flirtation between the two that it created fog on my TV screen. That it lead into a heavy kiss and then Stefan scooping her up into his arms and carrying her away into his room onto his new bed and closes the door. Now, you damn well know what went down after!!!

Which team are you on? I’m team #charion – Charley + Darion

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