Barbz! Nicki Is On Top AGAIN!

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Last night, Nicki Minaj opened up her heart and truly gave a inner perspective of her life. My Time AGAIN was showing how she has matured as an artist, as a boss of her empire and how she is learning how to balance her personal life and career. She is no longer running, but is standing up and facing things and situations like never before.

She opened up a little bit on her 11 year relation with SB and how working on the PinkPrint allowed her to pour her heart out, all the pain, hurt, agony, anger, frustrations she experienced within their relationship. As The Crying Game was playing in the studio, Nicki was crying and reflecting. The lyrics in that song hit so deep in her and with so many of her Barbz who can relate in their own life.

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If you haven’t seen My Time AGAIN, then what are you waiting for? GOOOOOOOO!!!!


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