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Ok Yall!!! The new show that has been buzzing around is finally airing tonight on BRAVO TV at 10:00PM est. (please check your local listings for times).

Friends To Lovers is a new show about good friends, even best friends who cross the lines into the oceans of love and we, the audience, follow their journey through these unknown watery territories.

Do you think its something that we all want? or do you think it ruins longtime friendships when we try love?

I’m curious, and so many of you have expressed this also. Therefore Join Me tonight on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag    #goshaboutfriends2lovers and lets talk while we watch. Also tweet or instagram your questions for the cast members, Kristen Ruby and Melanie Marden, for I will be chatting up with them too!

Any questions, comments or ideas for me, please tell me in the comment box below or email

See ya tonight!


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