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by Titian 1556-1559

During the winter months, sex can be sooo pleasurable.

WHAT?! Najaam are you going there on this blog post????

Hold up. Hear me out. hahaha

January and February are considered the two coldest months out of the year, maybe March can be added in depending where you live. Those 2 months, no one really wants to go outside not even to the corner store if they can avoid it. Online shopping is a MUST during that time. Hello! Plus online for Everything else..(..if you know what I mean)

So we tend to stay inside and play. Therefore creativity is very essential and highly recommended so that boredom does not take over. So I came across Betty Dodson, PhD, who is a famous talented artist for her expression of sex in art and for her classes and group sessions on masturbation. Plus she’s written books and created a few films. Below is a video from her conference on Her Life of Sex & Art.


Art and sex go hand in hand, even some of the old masters were fascinated with the human body. The structure, tones, movement, and the beauty of it all. It had to be painted and shared with the world via sculptors that still stand all over the world today and via gigantic canvases that decorate the walls of many famous museums and galleries worldwide.

It wasn’t so much about lusting after the body, but more of appreciating and admiring this heavenly creation.


So while inside during these winter months.. explore the many treasures of art. Online galleries, art documentaries, ebooks etc… Turn the TV off and discover the stories within the paintings and sculptures. You may find one that describes you very intimately.


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