UPDATE!! Bravo’s Friends To Lovers Melanie Marden Responds!

UPDATE!!! Friends To Lovers?? A BRAVO TV Newest Reality. Is It Worth Watching??

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Friday 9-January 2015 Update!

: Melanie Marden, model , actress , Spa owner and cast member on the new reality show Friends To Lovers told me today that the show ” .. Is worth watching it! ”

Aren’t you curious to learn more about Melanie? I am especially that she is also a fellow Canadian like myself! Yes y’all we want that inside scoop on her, so of course an interview is totally a must! hello…

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Look out for more. I wander who will respond next? hmmmmm…..  #goshaboutfriends2lovers

Bravo TV has a new jump off coming this month. In fact starting next Monday, January 12 at 10PM eastern, called Friends to Lovers.

The show is about dating your best friend. Is it possible to do that? and what are the consequences of such actions? Now, I wonder if this will be a ” scripted ” show? or will they actually be following real sets of friends to see if this will happen?

The Show peaked my interest last month after seeing a clip of the new show…


Will you be watching?

For some, this is coming in flat on the plate already. Does this show have any chance in succeeding past its first season?

I don’t have any answers, but what I will do is watch the first episode and do a mini vlog-report on the show. I will not be holding back, and you shouldn’t either in your comments 🙂

So its a date! See you Monday night at 10PM eastern on BRAVO TV!


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