Dining At PA-NASH Restaurant & Lounge in New York

Dining At PANASH Lounge & Bar in New York

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I am in New York for the holidays and tonight my family and I went to a beautiful Morrocan restaurant called PA-NASH, www.panashnyc.com . They are bringing a Manhattan fine dining to Rosedale, on the border of Long Island and Queens. I had made reservations a few days before. This was a treat for my aunt and uncle who was celebrating their wedding anniversary. They didn’t want to go into the city, so I was charged with finding an upscale restaurant near where they lived, and PANASH fit their criteria.

Upon arriving, I admired their décor, with huge chandeliers surrounded by draped fabrics and amazing colour scheme with soft tourquoise and silver details. On one side was a fantastic bar set up and on the other side was the dining area with 2 section booths for larger parties and side by side seating going down. They had a greeter who opened the door for you upon entering the restaurant; and a hostess. Our waitress was on point with taking our order without needing to write it down- that I loved. We were served drinks first among which I had a Moroccan Spice Tea- delicious* , then followed by appetizers- honey and garlic chicken wings, shrimp and lobster on skewers, and a Moroccan mac and cheese roll that my daughter loved. Their specialty at this restaurant is a blend of Moroccan cuisine with a touch of soul and Caribbean.

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The only downside was the wait in between appetizers and entrees; we waited for a while. I think if they had one more waitress it would have made a better difference in speed. But other than that, our entrees arrived. I had a Moroccan chicken Cesar salad; my daughter had the Moroccan Vegan Stew; my uncle had the Moroccan Salmon with rice and pasta; my dad and aunt had a Moroccan shrimp and lobster pasta.

The dishes were delicious that my uncle and dad wished they received more food on their plates LOL!!!

I loved the smaller portions, and it wasn’t heavy foods, that we walked away feeling good and energized. With other restaurants you would be feeling sleepy before leaving, which I hate.

My rating for the PA-NASH Lounge & Restaurant experience-  4.5 stars out of 5


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Honey and Garlic Chicken Wings- soo yummy!!

Panash Interior, goshabout, nl art

check out that chandelier

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Shrimp and lobster pasta in Moroccan sauce

moroccan, vegan, stew, in pumpkin, panash, new york

Moroccan Vegan Stew! it’s inside a roasted pumpkin.– soooo good!

panash,moroccan, chicken, cesar, salad

Moroccan grilled chicken cesar salad

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roasted salmon over Moroccan rice and steam veg

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See the bar and their display with 2 HD Flat Screens


If you don’t want to head into the city of Manhattan, check out this new location, PANASH for beautiful dining and great food. I will be back when in New York again.


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