Music Review: The PinkPrint Deluxe

Music Review: The PinkPrint Deluxe

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Trinidad born- Jamaica, Queens NY raised, Nicki Minaj officially released her anticipated album, The Pinkprint, on December 15, 2014 and I must say this, Nicki poured it out onto the music. Her album is a HIT! Its a must get life story album. Let me tell you…

I listened to the full deluxe album – TWICE!

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I wanted to make sure I listened to every song, the lyrics and the tracks itself and I am so proud of what Nicki has put forth.

She goes deep beginning with Track 1- All Things Go, Track 2- I Lied and Track 3- The Crying Game, she expresses her truth with her past relationship with SB. She expresses the physical and emotional turmoil she experienced in that relationship of 12 years. And how she has come on top out of it. The Crying Game will touch you if you have ever experienced pain.

Nicki didn’t hold back in her latest album, her lyrics, word flow and combination is a flowing poetry in motion. You can visualize like a painting all that she is feeling and or have experienced. She’s the Queen of Vivid Rap, picture it!

She chose quite carefully and skilfully who should be featured on her songs, such as Beyoncé on Track 5- Feeling Myself, and exactly how it will work to each artist singing style. She just didn’t slap up names; it was well crafted. Future artists take note!

I give Nicki’s album – The Pinkprint- 5 Stars *****

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Check out her latest video – Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown


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