Battling the Christmas BLUES!

Battling the Christmas BLUES!

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Yesterday was so sad to hear about the co-founder of Miss Jessie’s, a natural hair product line, Titi Branch, has passed away via suicide on December 4th, 2014. Please visit  to learn more about the company founders and products. Also send up a quick pray or moment of silence for her and her family. As well as for others who decided to take their own life this year.

I made this video a couple of days before I heard about Titi, which is ironic because many, many people around the holiday season of Thanksgiving into Christmas and through the month of January, commit suicide. Studies show that more people around this time of the year – Winter Season – take their own life. This shows that a lot of people feel very alone and very sad. No matter how successful they maybe or the amount of fame they may have, inside of their core they are isolated and so alone. They are living heavily within their mind.

The mind is no joke. If you do not control it, it will control you and take over your life, and have you thinking things that are untrue, and create things that does not exist. The mind can go into a state of Mental Illness. The mind can hold you prisoner within your own body. It can prevent you from reaching for help or even talking to someone. Its NO JOKE!

We don’t know what’s going on inside a person life. Most people Assume everything is okay. But its not. A simple observation and taking the initiative to inquire is missing in todays communities.  Those days when neighbours would watch and keep an eye on other neighbours is GONE. That needs to comeback. Not just in our neighbourhoods, but at the workplace, hair salon, among friends, among families. And if that’s too close to home, then a stranger who sits with you on the bus or the train in the mornings or evenings. The essence of talking is no longer, the essence of writing is no longer. We are so caught up in our computers, laptops, ipads, ipods, i- whatever- you- call- it- screens, that we don’t look up anymore. We don’t know how to talk or communicate our feelings face to face. We have turned into the movie WALE in such a real way.

This Christmas, lets help someone else by making sure no one is alone this holiday season. Ask questions, give out invitations and invite a co worker, a friend, a school mate, etc.. over for dinner, or to spend the holidays with you and your family. Show a little care this season, and worry less about not getting the “right” or “perfect” present.

Happy Holidays > Need to talk? or Need a ear to listen? Call

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Phone Number 1-800-273-8255


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