What the Hell Was Wendy Williams Thinking? …LIFETIME?

What the Hell Was Wendy Williams Thinking? …LIFETIME?

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Before we go any further, an apology is due to the memory of Aaliyah and to her family. Period.

Really Wendy?? Really LIFETIME?? You needed this much publicity to bring viewers to your channel that you would do such a BOTCHED job on the bio-story of the Princess of RNB, ” Baby Girl “, Aaliyah? and how can you do a bio story without the artist’s music???

On Sunday

Months ago, @Zendaya  was chosen to play Aaliyah then dropped from the project because she was “NOT BLACK ENOUGH” which was just a racist slur to use in order to cast a nobody with weak singing skills and dance skills. One thing Aaliyah’s fans can agree on that Aaliyah was amazing with her dance moves on stage, which are used by so many artists today! I love my Canadian counterparts, but this one was seriously ridiculous. Alexandra Skipp couldn’t even get the New York accent down pack. OMG!

Zendaya I am so happy and relieved this one past you sweetie!

The rest of the casting was an insult. Missy Elliot we all know back in the early 90s’ was an oversized-curvy girl who rocked her body like no other on stage and we all know Missy is a very dark-skinned woman, that Lifetime would disrespect her with casting a whiter skinned and skinny girl!!! OUTRAGE. Tim and R-Kelly casts were a joke!

Whoever the amateurs were that LIFETIME and Wendy Williams hired to cast, produce, direct and edit this crap should be fed to the dogs, because none of them did a thorough Fact-Research on Aaliyah.

The story depicts that it was Aaliyah that put on or made MIssy and Tim famous. BUT that is sooo far from the truth. Before Aaliyah, Tim and MIssy have been writing and producing songs for other top artists, and they were topping the charts in their own right with hit songs. I mean if you are a new artist rising up why would you hire amateurs- you’ve already passed that level, because now you are looking for a hit song to take you over that next level. Lifetime’s storyline is way off and not true. They made Aaliyah out to be promiscuous and loose, which she wasn’t. I know this because I had the chance of meeting her, being around her, seeing her work ethic, etc. Aaliyah was focused yet very sweet and manner able at the same time.

Wendy seemed so desperate to continue her diss and throw dirt onto Aaliyah into her grave. This movie was all about Wendy Williams shine. Please would somebody shut the curtains. Its time to take your bow.

Bottom line and this is so sad to say. Wendy Williams don’t give a shit! It was about ratings and her pocket. The airheads in her audience couldn’t be for real even if they tried!

I can imagine what they are going to do with Whitney Houston’s bio-story.

The movie I give 0 stars. That’s right NO STARS. Its not worth your time. Don’t waste 2 hours to watch this foolishness. Do Aaliyah right and make a block buster. Hire Will Smiths team or Spike Lee, not WENDY WILLIAMS. OMG what does she know other than to bad mouth and gossip.


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