She Needs REST!

She Needs REST!

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GOSH! Does the weather have to be sooo gloomy and rainy. Ugg!

Today, I have been listening to the new album by Teyana Taylor called VII. I will give my review on it manana. So look out for that!

Did you see the video of Beyonce at the Nets basketball game recently? I am not sure how recent it is but everyone has been talking about how ODD she was acting. I mean she looked like she was in a trance or saw a ghost playing on the court or something? I don’t know. But she and her bae, Jay Z was in great conversation throughout the game.

Personally, Beyonce looked tired, and wiped-out. She’s with her hubby, but she was definitely in her own world too. Here are 2 things we can think, 1. she was on a medication which some meds give a reaction of making a patient sway back and forth. She looked a bit ill and very tired. Or 2,  I think she was creating music in her mind, which is why she was swaying back and forth. I think she was creating lyrics or heard a sound within and she was flowing. What I liked about this whole thing, is that she didn’t give a 2 cents who was watching. She’s living her life and being herself. I know we may find it odd, but really think about it. We do the same thing too when an idea, a flash of a vision comes through, we do get a bit spacey and in a zone.

No ones perfect! We tend to place an ideal perfection score board on celebs for every second they breathe, move and speak. Too much I’d say. Beyonce needs some rest. She has been going, going, going, for about 2 – 3 years straight! She doesn’t really take vacation. She may give vacation time, but she is always working and on the move. She should rest, go in with meditation, yoga, Zen- healing and just chill period. And when I say chill, it means ” DON’T DO ANYTHING. Don’t lift a finger to do, to reach or to handle anything. Just stop the busyness of the mind. ” Sometimes we push our bodies past its limit and the effects of that can be breaking.

After watching the clip, what do you think happened to or with Bey? hmmm maybe she is expecting???


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