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Money Monday News!

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I’m Back Bitche$ — RiRi + Instagram

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Right after Halloween, the news came in that Rihanna was back on Instagram! Wooo Woooo Man, can you imagine the amount of begging and pleading for her to come back in that boardroom or wherever it took place. But I have to say it, Instagram was not the same when they pushed Rihanna out. It was a serious mistake on their part, plus they probably lost some really big ads over that mis-judgement …. hmmm their lips are sealed and we will never know the truth. Yet, I am waiting for RiRi to spice it up even harder this time around.

all that instagram love

OMG! Rita Ora Hacking Her Tweeter Lies

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Photo Credit: Just Jared- Rita Ora.

WTF?! Look, if you are an artist, just focus on that and shut up with the rest of it.

OK so I’m pissed off. Twitter is a cool place to let your friends, fans, supporters know all that’s going on with you. BUT, don’t send out a “threat” like ” I am releasing my new song on Monday if I get 100, 000 retweets” .. WHAT!? drop the damn single and let your fans decide if they want to RETWEET IT 100, 000 TIMES. But since its Monday, and just under 2, 000 retweets was sent, Rita Ora got nerve to delete her tweet, then lie about being hacked and that the hacker threatens to release her song. HAHAHAHAHHAAHA … Yo! its sooo evident that SHE IS THE HACKER! OMG how lame is this. I was never a fan of hers in the first place, but she just cemented it today!

Everyone is saying she should learn how to lie better. WRONG! She should learn how to tell the DAMN TRUTH! If you have a new song you want your fans to hear drop it without expecting anything in return. That’s true Artistry. Period.

Don’t you hate lies??Gosh it errks me!!!! Have she heard of hiring STREET TEAMS??


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