Committing SUICIDE

Committing SUICIDE

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Come on Naj, a heavy topic to kick off #MoneyMonday ? I hear you. I know. BUT, I want to talk about it anyway. No matter the day or time, because as we know when a suicide takes place, we always say ” I NEVER SAW THIS COMING!!! OMG “. Right? right?


The pain, whether physical, mental or emotional or all three together, can get to a point of becoming Unbearable. This pain begins to take away things that we use to do or enjoy. It comes on gradually and then grows stronger and stronger, and then wants to take over you. Its a non-stop cycle until one decides enough is enough, and does whatever to stop the pain.

WE all recognize the outcome of suicides – the last step that a person takes.

But Suicide already sparks within the mind. The physical action is only the mental result.

So many people who are suffering, have or began committing suicide mentally. Some are even committing mental-suicide EVERYDAY! And most people will never know. Close family members never know either.

So why do many commit suicide? why do it?

This is the question the majority asks and when the answer is given it is very hard for many to accept and consider it an “Excuse”. But its not an excuse when one is in deep depression and with high anxiety and with much fear.

Many of us have experienced depression in one form or another. I know that I do from time to time, as well as some members of my own family. Having depression can feel like a lonely experience on this planet. Even if you are surrounded by a lot of people everyday or if you have a large following on Social Media; one can still be lonely and will frequently live within their mind. I think this is what I hate most with Social Media is the fact that it gives a false impression of happiness, success and that it takes away human to human interaction. Social Media kills the very core of human connection.

Being alone and feeling worthless among your peers can make you feel inadequate, not good enough, or feel incapable of achieving. Its a mix of having low self-esteem, a lack of self confidence, and feel ashamed or embarrassed in front of others you may think is far better. Therefore, speaking your feelings out is a major NO NO! You don’t want to be looked down upon or have someone question your inabilities. A fear of what will they think of me? and who will they tell this to?

This cycle of thoughts will go around in the mind until the mind answers these questions. Usually it would say ” NO don’t do that! Look at you. They won’t understand. How could you even think of such a thing to do..” The mind will put the person down, hold them back in order to keep the silence and the depression going.

Finding that one true friend who will not judge you or criticize you. That friend who will truly and openly listen and is not in a rush to get off the phone or leave the conversation. That friend who would truly understand your feelings and emotions and your thoughts. That friend who would just listen, giving complete attention for the few minutes of ones expression.

These qualities are missing in most humans today. Rather many only have assumptions, deadlines, tweets, apps, parties and seriously have no time to hear about your issues. BUT, they want you, (their friend who is seeking help) to listen – advise – help in their problems. Its all about them and about them only. This type of mannerisms is what plagues our generation and why there is such an increase of suicides in our nation. The lack of empathy, kindness, generosity, and just being a real-true-friend has seriously VANISHED!

The pain is unbearable because the mind keeps repeating the situation, adding on with each repetition. Making you desire isolation, to be left totally alone. And the chatter of the mind increases. Removing trust from your heart. What you see in the mirror is not what everyone else sees. You breakdown every aspect of oneself into mince pieces unable to accept oneself.

All these and more are the mental-suicides happening.

LOVE is needed to be poured into their soul. Deeply, quickly and consistently. Not just once and then leave them alone. LOVE must be given non stop until their cup, their body is filled completely and is able to generate their very own LOVE. This is not a quick fix, it is to be a long term action. Because necessary implemented systems and structure must be in place to assist in recovery.

IF we only from the get go take the time to speak to each other daily, asking questions with one another and connecting, listening and understanding one another without having to be interrupted with an email, tweet, message, phone call   or any other kind of beep, we can help keep many alive through daily connection and structure.

Committing Suicide physically or mentally does not make the pain go away because it doesn’t heal. Diving deep within the source and mind is the way to establish and reconstruct removing debris and ushering in clean, fresh air.


Yes, a deep discussion but needed. Tell me your thoughts about suicide today. Leave your message below >

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