Should We Feel Sorry For Monica LEWINSKY?

Should We Feel Sorry For Monica LEWINSKY?

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Should we feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky?

After seeing this clip or even the entire speech she gave, do you feel sorry for her?

Back in the 90’s when Mr. Bill Clinton was president in his second term, this was the fall of America brought down by a young 22 year old woman at the time. Falling in love with the President and acting on those emotions without disregard for his family, wife, reputation, and also her family, colleagues, the country and her reputation. She was a young intern at the White House. Young, naive, and caught up in puppy-love.  I am pretty sure she told her close friends about their underground fling, and I’m pretty sure some of those friends told her not to do it. Its too risky and very dangerous waters she’s treading. But she made a choice. No one forced her. She even saved “the dress” that she and Mr. President had a special event. (read between the lines)

Did she actually believe he would divorce his wife and family for her?

He was the American President.

His own actions caused him to be publicly rebuked, nearly impeached, and almost lost his wife and family. His face was blastered everywhere and he made an international apology.

Monica didn’t make a public apology. She went into hiding.

As they say, LOVE make you do stupid things, and this was one of them.

Now, this article is not about bullying, throwing hate or even disregarding Mr.Clinton’s action either. This article is about taking complete, 100% responsibility for your actions and thoughts. And not send or shift blame onto anyone else.

After listening to her new public speech, I was upset.

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Monica, has not moved forward with her life. She has not chosen to get proper counseling, get new representation and truly tried to find her passion and self worth. She is still living in the 1990’s tragedy. Why? Because she still hasn’t taken full responsibility for her actions in the mess and she has not completely forgiven herself nor Mr. Clinton, or the country.

This is now close to 20 years since this American tragedy, and she is still blaming the internet, journalist, musicians, as well as jobs that wouldn’t hire her, she couldn’t make a new life for herself, etc… Another pity party that she wants to include you into.

NO! I disagree that she went through cyber-bullying. She went through what is called ” Slap in the face reactions from the hurts of the people “.

If the papers were not writing the proper or correct truth regarding her, she could have confronted the newspapers, magazines, etc and have it retracted or tell her side. But she did NOTHING.

Who is to blame?

Monica Lewinsky.

Even in her new speech, she is still blaming others for her own actions.

She is still blind about it. That she could not believe this affair became Public. — I mean you were sleeping with the President. Hello?!

One thing I understand about life is your choices and actions has consequences.. good or bad or both. It may happen immediately or later on. We have all been there.

But, in order to move forward with your life, you must make a change within yourself. You must take responsibility for your actions in it, and must forgive yourself and others in that situation.

Monica didn’t change her name. And that is fine. But she sat in depression for so many years.

Today, she may have new representation/ publicist, maybe began carving out her own new path, plus launched into social media with a Twitter account.

President Clinton, after making a public apology and a private apology to his wife and family. He began a new chapter in his life. He rebuilt his reputation and his wife stood by him and pushed him to be better. He wrote books, he traveled, he helped in world projects and giving of himself. He did not sit and allowed depression to conquer him — he could have. But he made a choice to move. A choice. A choice. A choice.

Monica can only move forward by making A Choice.



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