Truth Or Dare? What does it mean to Be Daring?

Truth Or Dare? What does it mean to Be Daring?

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Often many of us, including myself, have been told time and time again is to be daring; not to hold back but take a risk.

But what does it really mean to be daring today?

Back in the early 90s’, Madonna came out with her popular documentary, Truth or Dare, exploding worldwide. It documented her life on a world tour, showing her way of conquering obstacles, pushing the creative boundaries. The film revealed an inner soft side to Madonna, a woman who had experienced pain, set backs, heart ache, loneliness, especially with the death of her mother. She demonstrates how she handles all of it on a daily basis by focusing and working so hard on her art, performance and music.

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(credit: Madonna, Truth or Dare clip)

As kids, we’ve played the game, Truth or Dare, where you either pick to reveal something truthful about yourself or pick dare, take on a specific challenge and doing it in front of the whole circle.

Taking on a dare was scary for me as a child. The thought of doing something way beyond my comfort zone was terrifying, plus to do that dare in front of a circle of kids — OMG Frightful! lol. A dare was daring.

Are you a daring person? Do you take risks? Do you extend yourself beyond your comfort zone?

This is what it means to be daring. You got to stretch yourself a little each time, beyond your set boundaries. Stretching your mind, your body, your emotion, your spirit. Its a game with oneself. It should push you to try something beyond what you are comfortable doing.

Now its not about being stupid or doing stupid things, like jumping off 100 story building without training or a protective gear. OMG! I am not saying that.

A dare is to push yourself a little further than what you normally would do. For example, when I began painting and drawing again, I use to just do pencil, charcoal and acrylic. I’m good at it and its my comfort-zone. But I wanted to go further. I never did oil paints, and I pushed myself to do that solely. I love oil paints, but I went through so many trial and error. Pushing myself to paint on bigger canvases, push my ideas, and to keep at it. I am far from great, but I am at a point today than I was before. And its all because I dared myself to do it.

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I think as adults we should all get back to that Dare game. We should help each other to reach our career and personal goals with a little dare. It ignites a fire under you than never before because you don’t want to let the group down and you don’t want to look like a Wuss either. Therefore a group of 5 or more and each given a deadlines to make results happen.

What do you say to a little DARE?
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