Is America Becoming the Next Communist CHINA?

Is America Becoming the Next Communist CHINA?

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Last night was an eye opener for me after viewing a documentary on a popular artist.

There is so much going on in our world today, that it can be very overwhelming to many of us. From the EBOLA break out to the crazy madness of ISIS, stocks are dropping like flies down on Wall Street, the Chik-V virus sabotaging many Caribbean islands, Police Brutality in almost every city and state, Modern Day Slavery and the rampage of Politics in the midst of all these crisis is enough to make anyone angry.

These events pulled me to look a little deeper. There are some familiarities in all these situations. And two words can describe it – Control & Power.

Funny, Chris Brown touched on this briefly on Twitter and was viscously attacked by all sorts of media and specialists. LOL! But lets look into it. Why go mad if it isn’t true? hmmmm. Can it be —- true?

Lets go back into the early 80s, when underground talks were happening about a new type of world population control. China had instil this type of concept with parents only allowed to have one child per household which was to help control population growth. America has always been in every countries “backyard”, schooling them on how to run their own countries. And if a country disobeys, some type of turmoil happens to that particular country. {make you think}

Another thing that’s similar is receiving the FULL information. Are we really getting the whole- entire information on any of these situations. Or, are we just getting enough to suffice our palettes? We may have the holy internet, but does it truly mean we are getting the entire truth? Censorship in a blind way.

Then there is the same across the board with policemen getting away with murder and civilian abuse.

I watched Ai WeiWei in Never Sorry Documentary which follows his life as an artist and activist in the land of China. Where he is time and time again bullied by the government and is stripped of his legal civil rights and shows how he fights them back with visual artistry. They even at some point kidnap him and fabricate a story of tax evasion where in China there are no taxes. Hahaha… The power of one man threatens an entire government. They fear him because he is a beacon of light and hope to the people of China, which in a communist mind-set China does not want that at all for its people.

In America when you begin to tear back the layers, revealing all the lies and cover-ups, they too will have undercover watch your every move, bug your phones and watch your movements online, etc… Its the same, but the approach may be different.

Do we live in a subliminal free world that is actually communistic?

Does our country really take care of us? Are we actually heard or heard to a certain point to suffice our palette for a brief moment? We use the word Modern so loosely, but are we truly a modern society. I’m not talking technology.

Is our Freedom really an Active Freedom or is it Freedom with levels of limits?

Lets talk about this. Open up for discussion. Watch the documentary if you haven’t yet.

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