Another Day …. UGGG!

Another Day …. UGGG!

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how easily one forgets their beginnings!

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I didn’t watch the BET Awards last night. Quite frankly I forgot and seriously wasn’t interested. But, what’s got my attention is the crazy beef between Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea happening on social media. I mean we ALL KNOW in the industry not to trouble Snoop. He’s an OG in the game and respect is given where it is due. IGGY is a young chic coming in. She still isn’t quite there yet. And to start a beef with an OG, you are in for a deadly Smack Down. My advice.. Shut up Iggy and back down. Gain more lyrical skills and better flow. You got a ton of stuff to work on than beef with Snoop. OMG!

Has anyone taken note how great of a lyricist Snoop is? OK!

Onto the next post ….

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