The Amazing ROTHKO

The Amazing ROTHKO

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Marcus Rothko is an abstract expressionist artist. His work spoke in such depths in which he wanted and did conquer the art world and also his life in the end. He is one of my favourite oil painters – a master- I would say. He painted in tones and layers of colours that draws the viewer very close to the paint and into his world. He desired to struck a cord of emotions that will flood through your veins and into your soul. He was very hard on himself and lived in his mind so intensely that it came onto the canvas, plus affected his health tremendously. In the end, 1970, he sent his last set of paintings to England for a exhibition and simultaneously took his own life. Tragic ending in one hand and gained such high regards in the other. Extreme fame after death…

markrothko mark-rothko_02 Mark Rothko (6) rothkomark_rothko_blue_and_gray_19622 untitled-12 Untitled 1969 by Mark Rothko 1903-1970 Image17rothko1 mark-rothko-untitled MARK-ROTHKO-MARCUS-ROTHKOWITZ-blanco sobre rojo no-18 mark, rothko, russian, american, oil, painter, abstract, expressionist, artists, colours

Credit: all works, images are of Mark Rothko found all on Google Images.

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