In Right Mind with Raven-Symone

In Right Mind with Raven-Symone

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The bombs have been dropping hard since this interview with Raven-Symone & Oprah’s Where are they now? series. So let’s dive into this. Why are soo many offended, upset, etc by what she said of not wanting any labelling on herself. She is not African-American and she is not Gay.



I’m in right mind with Raven. She’s correct for stating exactly how she sees herself. She is not African- American,… just American. She is not GAY… just a human loving another human. Terrific expression.

I was soooo happy to hear another say exactly how I have seen my own self. And I have said it before many times. I am not African – American. nor, African Canadian (if there’s such a thing). I am Spirit. An expression having an experience. A thought in manifestation.

I have always hated the labels since Institutions from back in time started. Most paperwork have the Colour Category, which I always select OTHER. I am so mixed in cultures, races and pathways, why then should I be forced to choose ONE or maybe TWO, when I have more than 10 running through me?.

It makes NO SENSE!

Why do we use or feel we need these labels that are placed upon us? Its just another way to JUDGE another being. From schools, doctors offices, hospitals, DMVs, etc…. ALL will look first at your skin colour/or complexion and assume who you should be.

Example – Hospital Receptionist: Oh you look Black. check off African American.

Answer –   Najaam :  But I am neither.  I’m Canadian.

Hospital Receptionist: Ok. So what should I check off?

Answer – Najaam : Other!


I am not the only one who goes through this ridiculous nonsense. Its degrading.

I don’t live my life in a box, nor do I express myself as a box. So why should I allow others to do that to me?

It feels so great to live as Spirit, the rightful being that I am.

When I die, and YOU, you will go back to the colourless being you have always been.

I mean really think about it. Are you going to go to GOD and say ” GOD, I am African American therefore I should be over here! ” or ” GOD, I lived exactly how you wanted because I’m Italian-American.” ???

GOD will give you ONE GOOD LOOK and its over!

See and live beyond the borders you give yourself. The only identifying you need is to identify yourself with the CREATOR- UNIVERSE – GOD – HIGHER SELF! nothing else.


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