In The Last Quarter!

In The Last Quarter!

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Happy October and Money Monday to everyone.

Its great to be back and kick off the week with something positive.

We are in the final quarter of the year, and its the last run to get to that finish line. So want to encourage everyone to go HARD this last round. Don’t look back, keep your eyes on the prize and WIN.

That goal you want to achieve so badly needs your attention, focus daily, non stop. Be on it at all times.

For me I am focusing on ONE PART for the final quarter. The ART. that’s it. Yes there are many other things I am doing and want to achieve badly, but the focus for this particular last run is just the Art part only. So that means, making art daily. Be in the studio daily and adding to the online shop – SHOP NL ART. All sales, commissions, projects etc.. its all about that. Focusing on that part only. From October 1st to December 31, 2014. You down?  Tweet what your #LastQuarterGoal  is?

OK Ya’ll, I gotta run, but as always, more is to come. Have a great week, and go Sign up to my email list at Join the Movement. As well as check out the Shop Sale$ at

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