September and Sickle Cell to Bring AWARENESS

September and Sickle Cell to Bring AWARENESS

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Its September and its Sickle Cell Awareness Month.

In a few past posts I have spoken briefly on Sickle Cell. Going forward for this month, I will discuss in details about Sickle Cell Anemia, share other people’s stories who are living with this painful dis-ease as well as share my own journey living with Sickle Cell. I hope to enlighten and gather support for this disease therefore please use this hashtag on your Social Media to share the articles this month from GOSH!About on Sickle Cell. Use #goshaboutsicklecell

What Is Sickle Cell Anaemia?

What Are The Effects of Sickle Cell?


Stay tuned for more is to come. Please remember when sharing these articles use hashtag #goshaboutsicklecell

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