A NU Beginning…

A NU Beginning…

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http://www.RawArtists.org/NajaamLee Show Friday Sept. 5 @ 7PM The Cutting Room NYC
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NL ART SHOW Is This FRIDAY!!! click here

* Personal Note from Editor *

Hey GOSHers! So, this Friday it happens. A NU Beginning… A NU Direction kicks off my path.

YEA! NL ART has its first show in New York City at the Cutting Room presented by RAWARTISTS.org

Tonight, I am here sitting back, thinking of where I began and how all this started.

And, its so funny yet important to understand that many cool – great things begin in the “dirt or mud” so to speak. And that was for me 2 years ago of trying to re-discover myself after going through a terrible period in my personal life. Yet, that terrible moment was needed to bring me to this point or level in my life now, and I am so grateful.

Pain and discomfort and massive boulders are never easy to handle on anyone’s path of life. Most times we’d rather run or give up just in order not to deal with it. But, at some point you have to.

Once dealt with, the path becomes easier to handle and travel is much faster or at a better pace than before.

My journey brings me here, today this NOW moment when you feel the wind shifting and the air is lighter than before and it feels like you are losing air after each breath, and trying to find my balance within it is definitely a challenge. I must remember to be flexible in order to flow. Nothing is perfect, but perfect moments are created.

I share this nu beginning with you, the shift can be the most interesting roller coaster ride ever. Are you ready to ride-out with me?



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