Cop Killers Are BAAAACK… Cowards and Bullies In Uniform

Cop Killers Are BAAAACK…

Police Shooting Missouri

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And back with a vengeance!

The news, many social media outlets are plagued with the many stories of violent attacks made on black, African Americans by the Police Departments across the nation. In this post I will shed light on the matter at hand and discuss the feelings coming from the community worldwide. If you can’t take the TRUTH, then go check yourself in the mirror.

Summer 2014 has turned into ” Blood on the Moon”, ” A river running red ” or ” An ocean bellied up with dead whales “. Pick any one of these phrases and it describes the never ending cycle of police brutality with a layer of cowardness. From Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New York, Detroit, Los Angelos to so many others, a war on urban communities have begun. Better yet, a Purge has taken place. If you have seen the movie, you may understand what I’m talking about.

A Purge has begun on ridding the U.S. population of black men and women living in poor areas, or who have a look or personality that fits their target description. We are seeing this take place:

– Micheal Brown, Ferguson, Missouri

–  Ezell Ford, Los Angeles, California

– Eric Garner, Staten Island, New York

– Trayvon Martin, Florida ( killed by a “Wanna-be Cop”

– Alan Blueford, Oakland, California










The New America

And the list goes on. ( If there is a name you want added, please email or comment below).

What is similar in these cases? Black, boys/men, about to graduate or hardworking to elevate their lives, and unarmed.

Also what is very similar are the blatant lies, and faux-crime scenes set by the police officers involved.

What’s really going on? why the continuous killing and targeting of people of colour? Why the blatant racism with these cops? Lets dive deep into this evil rabbit hole to find the answers. This situation has gotten so out of hand that its stirring a dark energy into the air. I would not be surprised if a Civil War breaks loose. It may be needed. Lets see…

How does a Cop land a job at a police department?

What is the proper procedure? We ought to know. Because the ones they have hired all have mental problems, are racists, bullies, hold a deep hatred for the urban communities and/ or have anger that go beyond their job description. And most of these officers are a part of a group, club or organization that hold the same beliefs and thoughts regarding minorities.

Required Qualifications:

-Working knowledge of police procedures and practices.
-Ability to maintain discipline.
-Ability to prepare written reports of investigations.
-Ability to read, write and comprehend the English language.
-Ability to deal with the public.
-Ability to walk long hours alone both indoors and out under varying climatic conditions.
-Ability to recognize fire hazards.
-Ability to follow verbal and written instructions.
-Ability to maintain a calm manner in stressful and emergency situations.
-Ability to make decisions and act quickly in dangerous or emergency situations.
-Possession of a current and valid State Class D Motor Vehicle Operator’s License.

Appointee must:

-Be eligible for appointment as a Special Police Officer under State General Laws
-Be able to pass a psychological fitness examination prior to hire
-Be able to obtain and maintain a State License to Carry (LTC) Class A High Capacity Firearms License
-Be able to qualify bi-annually with required duty weapon
-Be able to pass a comprehensive physical examination which includes drug screening prior to hire and maintain established minimum standards for length of employment
-Be able to successfully complete and pass a physical agility test prior to hire and maintain established minimum standards for length of employment
-Be able to successfully complete and pass a police recruit academy
-Be submit to ethics training as dictated by the Commonwealth of the State and successfully pass an applicable examination.


Preferred Qualifications:

– Have a HS Diploma

– Ability to use proper English grammar, punctuation and spelling; Ability to read, write and comprehend the English language; Ability to understand, explain and apply the laws, rules, policies, procedures, guidelines etc., governing assigned unit activities; Ability to operate video display terminals; Ability to accurately type 45 mail able words per minute; Ability to speak clearly and distinctly; Ability to communicate effectively in oral expression; Ability to give oral instructions in a precise, understandable manner; Ability to follow oral and written instructions; Ability to work accurately with names, numbers, codes and symbols; Ability to gather information through questioning individuals and by examining records and documents; Ability to assemble items of information in accordance with established procedures; Ability to maintain accurate records; Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others; Ability to deal tactfully with others; Ability to adjust to changing situations to meet emergency or changing program requirements; Ability to maintain a calm manner in stressful and emergency situations; Ability to exercise sound judgment; Ability to exercise discretion in handling confidential information.

-Working knowledge of the law of arrest and criminal procedure in the courts
-Working knowledge of the rules and regulations pertaining in general to the buildings, grounds and facilities of city or state assigned locations
-Working knowledge of and adherence to the rules and regulations or general orders of the police department
-Develop and maintain a working knowledge of States General Laws, laws of arrests, search and seizure laws, The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the Commonwealth of the State.
-Must have the ability to work extended hours on varying shifts under a variety of conditions and at times under stressful circumstances



Now, after researching and reading over similarities of other states, a police officer only needs to have a HS Diploma and some common sense, and that can qualify him or her to carry a gun. But also, every police department is looking for a Like-Minded mentality that will fit into the way they do things without question. They hire who will follow and back them up. Many are questioning why there are so few Blacks or Coloured officers on the force?. This is why. Do they fit in? Will they question? Will they talk about what sort of practices against the law they are doing? and will they talk outside their unit? Therefore they hire who will follow, comply and do as told without thought. This is how they protect their Brotherhood.

Of course by law anyone can apply for a police job. But that doesn’t constitute a hire.


What Law or Laws are in favour of Harsh & Deadly Police Practices?

We must think, what law has passed to back these officers? and why are they getting away with so many murders?

According to,


Within the limits set by the U.S. Supreme Court in Tennessee v. Garner, authority to use deadly force in the line of duty is granted by state law to state and local law enforcement agencies. Individual agencies set policies and procedures regarding when and how to use deadly force.[3] When deadly force is used within the prescribed manner, the killing is deemed a justifiable homicide. Some law enforcement agencies routinely investigate all uses of deadly force while others investigate only cases involving extenuating circumstances. Other causes of death to suspects include accidents and police brutality. When the circumstances surrounding a death are questionable, a state and/or federal agency may investigate.[4]

Through the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, the US Congress mandated the Attorney General to collect data on the use of excessive force by police and to publish an annual report from the data.[5] Two national systems collect data which include homicides committed by law enforcement officers in the line of duty. The National Center for Health Statistics maintains the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS) which aggregates data from locally filed death certificates. State laws require that death certificates be filed with local registrars, but the certificates do not systematically document whether a killing was legally justified nor whether a law enforcement officer was involved.[6] The FBI maintains the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR) which relies on the voluntary participation of state and local law enforcement agencies in submitting reports about crimes.[6] A study of the years 1976 to 1998 found that both national systems underreport justifiable homicides by police officers, but for different reasons.[6] Records in the NVSS did not consistently include documentation of police officer involvement. The UCR database did not receive reports of all applicable incidents. The authors concluded that “reliable estimates of the number of justifiable homicides committed by police officers in the United States do not exist.”[6] A study of killings by police from 1999 to 2002 in the Central Florida region found that the national databases included only one-fourth of the number of persons killed by police as reported in the local news media.[7]

Do you see what I mean? The LAW backs them. Check out all the loopholes that give the Police Department in every state a “Voluntary” approach to reporting the Truth to what types of killings, was it legal or non legal, and the accuracy of how many killings total. The American System was already set up to defend and protect their Government Officials and the Police. There is nothing here that protects the American Citizens from the brutality of Law Enforcement. The Government has regulated COP KILLERS.

Ice T. was definitely right about the song , Cop Killer by Body Count, back in the early 1990’s ” … as a “protest record,” stating that the song is “[sung] in the first person as a character who is fed up with police brutality.”…

I know some will protest the title of this article but if you do not want that plaguing your departments, prosecute all these Police Officers killing innocent black kids who are unarmed.  Hello! Hiding the officer’s name in this recent attack is making the situation worse. If he can kill an innocent teen, then he needs to MAN UP!!! AND FACE THE CONSEQUENCE OF HIS ACTIONS. But hey, we as society cant expect ya’ll to do the right thing because you men or rather immature boys are COWARDS and hide back in your holes like the RATS YOU ARE. eat your cheese!

Ice-T is not the first artist to put a ‘cop killer’ theme in United States popular culture. This theme has been the subject of countless cinematic and literary works, and has appeared many times before in popular music. During the Great Depression, for example, people celebrated Pretty Boy Floyd and his exploits, which included murdering law enforcement personnel. Similarly, the highly respected fiddler Tommy Jarrell wrote and sang ‘Policeman,’ which begins, ‘Policeman come and I didn’t want to go this morning, so I shot him in the head with my 44.’ But perhaps the best-known case is Eric Clapton’s cover version of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ ‘I Shot the Sheriff,’ which reached the top of the U.S. music charts in the mid-1970s (a feat not approached by Ice-T). ‘I Shot the Sheriff,’ though, never suffered the sort of moral and political attacks that ‘Cop Killer’ did. How do we account for this difference?[12]

Your ignorance shows that the positions government officials , police departments of state and local hold with multi billionaires backing it up adds to the small-minded mentality that will crush the existence of this U.S. Nation. You will never be able to rise up to the greatness this country once had. NO, your fall has already begun and not long will you crumble wondering where else you can go and hide your wet asses.

Now, not all Police Officers fall under this title, but the problem I have with them is that they WON’T SPEAK UP! They just don’t stop the situation and feel they have no power to intervene or stop it. So this is why they will fall under the title of COP KILLER because you stand by and watch it happen. You are an accessory to the wrongful killings of these young men and women. Look at what you are representing.

Therefore, rioting is not going to solve these issues. It starts with the pen. The Laws MUST change. The current people in office MUST BE REMOVED.


You MUST VOTE. Period. Go after who is loyal, and wants people to have equal rights, and will stand up to the evil that plague our nation’s government. A cleaning of house is so essential right now that we can’t allow this COP KILLING take over to continue. We must stand up for our Rights. And not back down when Law Enforcement or Police Department try SCARE TACTICS to have you stop using your rights. They Are In The Wrong, NOT YOU. Scare Tactics try and break down your mental thought process. They are nothing but verbal or phrasal triggers to stop you from thinking and doing. Know your rights by heart to the point of saying it with blindfolds on or being held, so that your mind will not breakdown. And then their Scare Tactics WILL BACKFIRE. Don’t be scared, they are nothing but mere-men in a piece of fabric called a uniform. THATS IT!

They will NEVER CHANGE if you expect that. It’s WE The People who must change. Change our mind-set and increase our knowledge to over power and change the world we live in.

COP KILLERS = Beastly Animals Hunting Flesh To Devour and Consume. Human-Animal Behaviour.

Now look whose really sick in the head.


PS. I can agree in some way why others want to own a gun in this country for the protection of their family against such brutality such as these Police Officers. I see this but I still think there are better ways – my opinion.


Stay tune


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