GOSH! Gosh! GOSH! All Over It- ART RAVE

GOSH! Gosh! GOSH! All Over It- ART RAVE

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee

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ART my life.  So many of you either heard or saw postings, but sitting at home in your room doing nothing is a BORE!

You gotta have art in your life – Immediately or you will whittle into a toothpick and break, and there goes your life.

WHY do many of us stay inside avoiding Life Experiences?

Many fall for the flow of excuses spitting off their tongues

Many fall for the small body aches and pains their mind creates for them

Many are frightened of being around other people

Many become their own obstacle missing that important opportunity

Many are just plain lazy

Many would rather hear about the experience rather than be in it

As Beyoncé once said at her concert, “ … Put down that phone, that video camera, and BE in the moment. This is once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy it

credit: Salvador Dali; rasiel.com

credit: Salvador Dali; rasiel.com

But most of all,

Many of us have a fear of being happy and feeling good. We want it deep down inside, but allow life to be the main Distraction.

One thing about art, is that it is healing. Art is Healing.

Art is such a powerful vessel that it can bring you through emotions and feelings that have been locked up for years.

Art can bring you to tears, or turn a frown into a smile

Art can open up your mind, subconsciously, downloading information you never had before.

It can unite your mind, body and spirit as One, uplifting you to ascension.

Art makes you aware of yourself, your inner self and the world around you.

BK the Artist, brian kirhagis, poppington art, gallery, damon, dash,

Credit: BK The Artist/ Brian Kirhagis


When you take a look at a piece of art in person, it sends signals through your Chakras and Meridians which will spin your chakras, as well as

enhance your heart rate, pumping fresh blood throughout your bloodstream. Art also can calm the mind allowing the body to relax as well.

Its so important to see Art in person than it is to view it on the computer. In person you see the strokes of the brush, the richness of colour, the many shapes and expansion of the art piece, seeing the many dimensions.

When you view art on the internet, it is a flat surface, a one dimensional viewpoint. The depth of the painting is missing. The emotion is removed as well. The colours does not speak in true vibrancy.

Therefore going to see art in person is essential to fully receiving the gift that it holds. Amazing right?


art, frida kahlo, art piece, gallery, surreal, abstract, expressionism, paintings, najaam lee, gosh about, vlog, blog

credit: Frida Kahlo



credit: Frida Kahlo

credit: Frida Kahlo


Art also brings people together from all over the world. There are interactions, connections, conversations and a little flirting is always welcomed.

Art reaches out to any person that stands in front of it.

On September 5, 2014 you have an opportunity to come on out and see some beautiful and unique art plus meet some extraordinary people, artists, etc.

Hey, you never know, you may even meet your future husband or wife. Art brings the Magic! heheehehe

Click here to buy your ticket: http://www.RAWartists.org/newyork/allure/?artist=221409

credit: Vedic Image Group/Marc Brian/John Ashford/Renee Mosaffi/Hair by Moti/Najaam Lee

credit: Vedic Image Group/Marc Brian/John Ashford/Renee Mosaffi/Hair by Moti/Najaam Lee


Art – Love  &  Happiness. Enjoy the experience 🙂

See you there!



Stay tune


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