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OMG. OMG! Everyone you would not believe the Drama over my article on Musiq Soulchild AKA The Husel WTF!@? < read here first)

For the past 48 hours a major earthquake has shaken the camp of The Husel over my article. It was my experience, my thoughts and what was presented by his people, and they must be in denial thinking that the show was A+. Yet, the power of my blog had my phones blowing up into outer space ya’ll. Threatening me that they will send me lawsuit, a cease and dismiss, over my own opinion. Hello. I know my First Amendment right. And as a journalist we all express our diverse point of view and I will write mine!. They got terrified over the word ” Gangsta- Rapper” which, I’m sorry but when you look at the photos and the flyer what do you see? Is it a Mask as they want to tell me or is it a bandana wrapped over his nose and black sunglasses over his eyes, and a black crown and black hat? The fabric they stressing is Leather he’s wearing. Please! Does that make a difference?

So I got to talk to his camp out in Atlanta today and I asked to tell me who is The Husel?


They want to set the record straight and explain about the new artist called “The Husel”. So, forget about Musiq Soulchild because he doesn’t exist at the moment. This is the phone interview we had today:

GOSH!About: Who Is The Husel?

Management: The Husel was birthed right here in Atlanta, Georgia into the new sounds of Trap Music or Crunck Music. Its about how you survive everyday life. Going after your dreams. Not giving up and pushing hard towards your goals. Its Your Hustle.

GOSH!About: So is this a Alter Ego?

Management: Some people say that. But its actually his brand.

GOSH!About: There was another alter ego Musiq had before this called Purple Wonder Love. What happened to that alter ego?

Management: Yes, you are right. Purple Wonderlove came out a couple years ago and performed at The Green Room in Atlanta. It was a blend of Bob Marley and Sade. This was a test in the market at the time and people really liked Purple.

GOSH!About: Why the different Alter Egos?

Management:  Just like an Artist. He has to express himself and not be kept in a box. As a pack of crayons, there are many colours to use and try, so as an Artist needing to express the many facets of himself.

GOSH!About: Why dress like this? It is perceived as a Gangster or Gangsta Rapper.

Management: NO. He is not of any affiliation. He is not a gangster and has NOTHING to do with any of that. He wanted to cover his face as using a Mask so that the people can just listen to the music first to give it a chance before revealing himself. He does not want people to see Musiq and forget the new music.

GOSH!About: So you wanted people to hear the music first?

Management: Yes.

At the end of this interview, I was asked to listen to the tracks they have up on SoundCloud, which was Grindin and Generate. And I did listen to both the music and lyrics fully. His lyrics are about going after your goals which is positive. But the overall of the tracks, I don’t like it. The HUSEL or MUSIQ can do better! And that’s my opinion. In my first article on this Husel, I stand by it. He did portray a very Hard Core Persona, which yes SHOCKED many people in the industry and outside the industry. His camp promo this wrong for him in my opinion. I understand doing something drastic. But seriously, they could have played the tracks starting say 7:00pm that night for all us to listen to without him being there. I think it would have taken a better spin for The Husel.

My articles that I write is for my readers. You- my readers- ask me the tough questions to ask and I write it out for you. If the artist or his camp can’t handle the true questions and statements  coming from The People, then you are living in Wonderland.

Wake up!


Of course, more is to come 🙂 stay tuned



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