Musiq Soulchild AKA ” The Husel ”  WTF!@?

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I am still in New York doing summer fun and summer business. I did for the past 2 days some photo shoots with Authentic by John Ashford, haute-couture shoe designer, wearing his amazing shoes around New York – ouch! Love his shoes.

Last night I attended a private listening session at Madame X in Soho, NY, for Musiq Soulchild, which I was soooo very excited because he hasn’t been out with any new music for a minute now. It was put on by True Magazine, his PR: MoccaStyles of Mocca Brand Media, and hosted by The Hip Hop Socialite.

We arrived early, and already the vibe was of confusion and lateness. The event was stated to begin from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. The venue is a small with a two story setting with deep red theme and soft light glow. Tiffany lamps, chandelier all about and upstairs for this event, they had a leopard theme enclosed deck which had soo much natural lighting. It was my favourite spot to hang out. So we decided to do a photo shoot in there which those photos will be coming soon.

For two and half hours we listened to hip hop, rap music. No show of Musiq and his PR showed up two hours after. Hmmmm, what’s really going on. I took a look around and noticed these little flyers around

The Husel

I was thinking that another upcoming rap artist will be here too for debuting of his music. After sitting on deck, we were told to get up because the seat we were sitting on was for the ” Artist ” as told to me by his PR. We found seats on the other side where a stage like area was…

Najaam Lee and John Ashford

upstairs deck of Madame X


Front balcony, stage of Madame X

By 8:35pm I see the camera crew coming up the stairs and the light shining on a short guy dressed in all black with a black crown on his head, black square sunglasses, a black bandana wrapped around his face and big Mr. T gold chains hanging around his neck. They escorted him up to the stage/balcony area and the HIP HOP Socialite did a semi- intro with another person to do a full introduction. And boy when he said this is The Husel, my mouth dropped. I was so shocked when I saw Music Soulchild dressed up as what I perceived as a Gangsta-ish or Hard Core Rapper calling himself The Husel, his alter ego they say. He got on the mic and PERFORMED.

WAIT!!! I know, you’re thinking you are lying Najaam. R & B Musiq Soulchild is now a “Hard Core Rapper” ? WTF are you telling me!???

I know. I was the same way. SHOCKED. But, I have video and shots for you to see and hear for yourself.

the husel, musiq soulchild, najaam, lee, blog, vlog, music

the husel, musiq soulchild, najaam, lee, music, blog, vlog

the husel, musiq soulchild, najaam lee, blog, vlog, music

It was unbelievable, but very real. Question: Did he ever had a past gang life? maybe not —
On the flyer and when he got on the mic he briefly explained that “…The Husel is a state of mind“.

On back of flyer:









Listen here:


He then went into performing his first song. And I’m telling you I was seriously upset. He just threw his whole life to the trash. Why even do rap, when you can’t rap much less flow. I watched the faces of the audience who were made up of people in the industry. And, I’m not the type to kiss asses, but everyone was holding a tight face. It was of confusion as to why is he doing this. He is basically starting ALL OVER from scratch, literally, because if I didn’t see for myself I would NEVER believe he would do this. I mean, there are BETTER rappers out right now. Who have been practicing their craft for YEARS and YEARS. Why didn’t he, The Husel, put out a mix tape or two first. So that people can truly get to know the new him and the transition he is making. He needed artist support, not actor support. Malik Yoba was in attendance. But, that’s not going to help him. As he rapped, he was rapping on top of his track — WHY??? The mic was glitching badly and he sounded bad. He made a ton of excuses during his performance that he decided in the middle of performing is to stop, MOVE the crowd to the back. HELLO!!!! And then that didn’t work. They came back to the front, to be interviewed. Hip Hop Socialite did her job, and I have no quams with her or the other sponsors, they did their job.

BUT, Musiq Soulchild aka The Husel, KNOWS BETTER. You have seriously dashed up your whole career to now be a rapper. That this is your hustle. What Are You HUSTLING? What do you know about that “Street Hustle?”  Yes hustle starts with a Mind set but you also have to have a PLAN too, and it should be conducive to what will elevate you not down-grade you.

But Hey, I could be wrong. The Husel just has to Prove It!




Please tell me what think:

Are you ready for hard core rapper The Husel or do you want the R & B soul singer Musiq Soulchild back?? Leave your  comments below and Like this article.


Of course, more is to come 🙂 stay tuned



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